Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Birmingham, AL

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Souvenirs are the best way to take a little piece of your trip home with you. It serves as a reminder of a wonderful family holiday, a jam-packed adventure weekend, or even a successful business trip. We all love to pick up some souvenirs before we head back home, and we are here to help you do that. Therefore, if you need to know where to buy souvenirs near Birmingham, AL, before you leave, then check out our list below so you can save time and head straight to the souvenir shop closest to you.


This is a wonderful little store where you can get a little souvenir or trinket that represents the city and the surrounding areas. This is a fair trade store so it is less commercial than usual souvenir stores, but they have a wide variety of items to choose from, including necklaces, key chains, and ornaments.

Address: 2017 3rd Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203


Swoozies has all your needs covered. They have a massive range of souvenirs from clothing, mugs, magnets, and even a section representing the sports of the city. This place is big, bright, and colorful, and you may find yourself picking up far more than you planned to when you see their fantastic selection for sale.

Address: 305A Summit Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35243

Alabama Goods

For the higher end of the souvenir and gift spectrum, check out Alabama Goods and be greeted by a huge range of unique and distinctive hand made items. This is a wonderful store to buy products that you can’t find anywhere else and will serve as a great memory for your trip. They stock jewelry, gift baskets, candles, food, and everything in between. Take an authentic piece of Alabama back home with you.

Address: 2933 18th St S
Homewood, AL 35209

Jaa Kats Gifts & More

This small independent shop has been around for less than a year, but in that time has managed to build a reputation for being one of the best spots to visit when you want to buy some souvenirs and gifts in the area. Most products are custom made meaning you get something that no one else has and is a great alternative to the usual souvenirs. For a range of products including t-shirts, accessories, and other home decor items, then check out Jaa Kats at the address below.

Address: 1308 Eastern Valley Rd
Bessemer, AL 35020

Souvenir Shop

This conveniently named souvenir shop is super handy when you are rushing through the airport back home and remember that you forgot to pick up the gifts and souvenirs that you wanted. Check this place out which is situated just after the security gate in the airport and grab what you need before boarding your flight.

Address: 5900 Meser Airport Hwy
Birmingham Regional Airport
Birmingham, AL 35212

Fill your shopping bag with some of the best souvenirs in the area, and pick up a few gifts for your friends and family along the way!

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