7 Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts

Aside from being the capital city of Massachusetts, Boston is also known in the history of the United States as its oldest city. Because of its massive size and attractions, Boston has become a favorite hub for people wanting to unwind and spend long holiday vacations.

Boston is considered a melting pot of disparate culture because of the different backgrounds and origins of the people living in this city. Boston also played a significant role in the American Revolution, thus earning itself the title "The Cradle of Liberty." Here are some of the most popular things to do and destinations to visit in this urban metropolis.

1. Park and Cemeteries

Boston is rich in national landmarks that anyone can visit. Among these are the numerous Boston cemeteries and parks that make a vacation in this city unique and truly remarkable. The parks carry with them a lot of history, as well as, some health benefits that include relaxation under the shadows of the beautiful city. Tour guides are also on standby if you want to go through each historical piece, ensuring that you will have easy access to valuable information while in the area.

2. Freedom Trail

The Freedom trail serves as a link to some of Boston’s historical sites. The 2.5-mile long trail is connected to 16 of the city’s tourist sites. The track begins at the Boston Common and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument, unveiling the beauty of Boston with each step.

While on this trail, you will have a chance to taste some delightful Italian cuisines. This trip takes about three hours, and by the time it is over, you have already gained a wealth of knowledge about Boston's history. Some of these sites include Old North Church, Bunker Hill, State House, Paul Revere's House, and USS Constitution among others.

3. New England Aquarium

Another wonderful attraction to visit in Boston is the New England Aquarium. The place has an enormous tank filled with marine life and corals. Guides are all over the area to educate visitors about the tank’s aquatic content. The guides are highly knowledgeable and can answer all questions about the tank and its content, something that marine lovers will truly enjoy.

The other marine attractions that will definitely excite you on this trip are the sea lions, electric eels, the penguin colony, and the IMAX Theater among others. Whales are a permanent feature in this tourist destination d you can get to watch by riding the whale watching boats.

4. Visit islands and harbors

Your Boston vacation will not be complete without visiting its beautiful islands and harbors, places that endeared this thriving city to vacationers. The cool breeze and water are genuinely welcoming after spending your day in the hot streets of the town. Boat cruises are popular on this end.

You may treat yourself to an enjoyable swim or just lie on the sand and enjoy the warm sun on your skin. Packed lunch cruises are prevalent in this vacation spree so prepare yourself for some sumptuous meals along the way.

5. Home of Paul Revere

Also, you most certainly like to visit the famous home of Paul Revere, one of the oldest homes in downtown Boston. Paul Revere was one of the most famous patriots of the American Revolution who lived in this house with his family. Even today the interiors including the period furniture of the colonial era that belonged to his family have been preserved intact.

6. Old State House

The next place in your itinerary would be the Old State House that was built around 1713. This building served as a merchant’s exchange place, as well as, a meeting place for colonial and state governments.

7. Charlestown Navy Yard

Another stop that you should consider while in Boston is the Charlestown Navy Yard, just right after the USS Constitution Museum. Built in 1800, Charlestown Navy Yard was one of the first and oldest naval yards ever built in the country. It supplied and repaired naval ships and supported the navy in the war.

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