Our Favorite Festivals and Events Around Carnegie Hall, NYC

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Around this iconic music hall is a great number of restaurants, unique vendors, museums, historic high-rises, and countless stories. Yet with all that, there is around Carnegie Hall, one might think to explore what events and activities there are in the neighborhood. Whether you’re a tourist, visiting the city for friends and family, or a local looking for something around you, read on for some of our favorite events and activities in the Carnegie Hall autumn.

Concerts and Performances at Carnegie Hall

This one went without saying – the star of the Carnegie Hall area is, of course, Carnegie Hall. With countless performances by superstars such as Lang Lang, Jonas Kaufmann, Marija Jelic, and major events such as the Carnegie Hall’s Opening Night Gala, there is no shortage of world-class music to dress up and head out for. The performances at Carnegie Hall can be limited in availability or subject to change, so be sure to stay up to date with any information from the hall. We recommend those performances specifically presented by Carnegie Hall. Enjoy some of the best in the performing arts and music during Carnegie Hall’s long autumn.


Central Park Rides and Tours

A centerpiece of the community and a green escape from the bustle of New York City, Carnegie Hall’s proximity to Central Park makes the many tours, rides, and sports events just a short walk away from the neighborhood. Enjoy the verdant, tranquil scenery of Central Park and the sense of community in this space in a number of options. Pedicab Tours and the Horse and Carriage Rides provide a relaxing, passive tour around Central Park, while the jogging and bike tours provide a more interactive and hands-on tour across the park. Yoga Classes regularly occur in the Sheep Meadow area, just a short walk from the Carnegie Hall neighborhood while bountiful hiking and strolling trails are also available. Make the most of this uniquely urban, yet green space in the heart of New York and head over to Central Park.


Museum of Arts and Design workshops and classes

A local institution dedicated to serving the public in the area is the Museum of Arts and Design, one of many elite institutions around New York City showcasing remarkable displays of artistic expression to people of the neighborhood and the world. In line with the ideals of serving the public, and in our case, the neighboring Carnegie Hall area- visitors will be delighted to find that the Museum of Arts and Design regularly hosts workshops and classes open to the public included with admission. This is a great opportunity to collaborate and learn along with other members of the public in guided journeys and thought-provoking classes led by the staff of the museum. Hands-on activities, open discussions and focuses involving the public and members of every background with the visions and dialogues of the Museum of Arts and Design make this a rare but worthwhile opportunity. 


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