Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Carnegie Hall, NY

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Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Carnegie Hall, NY

     Around this iconic music hall is a great number of restaurants, unique vendors, museums, historic high-rises, and countless stories. Yet with all that there is around Carnegie Hall, one might think to explore what events and activities there are in the neighborhood. Whether you’re a tourist, visiting the city for friends and family or a local looking for something around you, read on for some of our favorite places to beat the heat and cool off during the summertime here around Carnegie Hall.

Carnegie Hall Concerts and Performances

     The star and namesake of this neighborhood, Carnegie Hall is the place to experience and enjoy the world-class musicians and artists who perform at this iconic venue. If you’ll be around Carnegie Hall this summer, there are plenty of options to consider adding to your itinerary, including performances by the Attacca Quartet, American Symphony Orchestra and Leonid Veksler. During those warm summer evenings, opt to see a show at Carnegie Hall instead.


For a more eccentric and outside-the-box experience, come to SPYSCAPE where you and your party can test your own spy skills and learn about real spy technology. In the EXPERIENCE exhibit, visitors can try their hand at cracking codes, suppressing facial expression, fooling a lie-detecting machine, honing their surveillance skills, and crawling through a laser tunnel.  At the end, visitors discover which field of espionage suits them best, via the opinion of a former head of training at British Intelligence. In the MUSEUM exhibit, visitors can see a real enigma machine and learn about double agents, journalists who have freed men using their own skills of espionage and real-life special ops teams. There’s also the opportunity to purchase and take home your very own “spy” technology, including invisible ink pens, spy clocks, and rearview sunglasses.

Take the whole party to SPYSCAPE for a unique indoors experience, operating rain or shine and your gateway to the intriguing this summer.

Deutsche Bank Center

     This dynamic and vibrant part of the area around Carnegie Hill is the Deutsche Bank Center, featuring striking architecture and a four-story retail mall. The lower levels in its massive windows make for an impressive canvas for your photography projects, or as a subject in itself, while the ample shopping options also compliment your visit. This is a great destination for a day at the mall or any shopping trips you want to add to your itinerary for your stay in the area.

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