Flight Delay in Carnegie Hall, NY

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John F. Kennedy International Airport. One of the big three airports that serve the New York Metro, with over sixty million passengers annually, working with over ninety airlines and with nonstop flights to all six inhabited continents, JFK is the world’s great gateway to the Big Apple. If your travels have brought you here to John F. Kennedy International Airport with a flight delay whether due to inclement weather, maintenance, loading luggage or other reasons, worry not. With the selection in dining, shopping, entertainment, and services here at John F. Kennedy International Airport, any unexpected layover goes in a breeze. Read on for some of our favorite highlights in dining, shopping, relaxation and entertainment here around JFK.


With over one hundred (!) eateries, kitchens, restaurants and vendors, travelers of any craving arriving here at John F. Kennedy International Airport will find themselves spoiled with variety. Whether you are looking for speedy, on-the-go service for those travelers on a tighter itinerary, or wanting a full, sit-down meal to stay for a while, John F. Kennedy International Airport has you covered. Travelers on the move can recharge with caffeine and good food before takeoff at locations such as World Bean (Terminal 2, 5), Tuscany Cafe (Terminal 1), Panini Express (Terminal 1), La Brea Bakery (Terminal 4), Cibo Express Gourmet Market (Terminal 2, 5, 8), and Aunt Butchie’s Bakery Cafe (Terminal 5). For those passengers wanting traditional, sit-in table service, there are multiple options, including Uptown Brasserie (Terminal 4), Shiso (Terminal 2), Piquillo (Terminal 5), Le Grand Comptoir (Terminal 4, 7), Cascata (Terminal 8), and 5ive Steak (Terminal 5), just to name a few.  


Places to read, study, work

For those travelers arriving here at JFK who want to get some work done, study, or read and relax a while during their layover/flight delay, there are a range of environments and workspaces here to choose from. Aside from the complimentary airport wifi and charging stations throughout the airport, there are also the Air France, Lufthansa Lounges (Terminal 1), Delta Sky Club (Terminal 2, 4), Air India, El Al King David, Emirates, Etihad, Virgin Clubhouse and Swiss Lounges (Terminal 4), and the British Airways Concorde Lounge (Terminal 7) providing food, drink, wifi, ample seating arrangements, and plenty of space to unwind, read, study, or nap before your flight. If you are not a member of these airlines’ loyalty programs, there is also the Wingtips lounge in Terminal 4 that offers the same amenities with the purchase of a one-time pass.


Shopping and Entertainment 

For those wanting to pass their time at shopping a wide variety of travel supplies, reading materials, tech, local souvenirs, and everything in between, look no further than the vendors here at John F. Kennedy International Airport. These include Brooks Brothers (Terminal 4), Sound (Terminal 5), TUMI (Terminal 1), Tech On The Go (Terminal 7), Tag Heuer/MontBlanc (Terminal 8), Heritage Books (Terminal 5), and CNBC News (Terminal 5), among many others. 


Around Carnegie Hall

Travelers with a stopover long enough to see a little of Carnegie Hall before their next flight might be unsure what they can see in the neighborhood in such a short amount of time. Here are some of our favorite highlights of Carnegie Hall that can be enjoyed in under a day and still have you back at the gate in time. Central Park and Central Park Zoo both are great for a morning, afternoon or day plan to fill up time before your flight with ample sightseeing including the pond, ample walkways, and animals. Both are but a fifteen minute walk from Carnegie Hall, and highly adaptable to any other plans in the area.


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