Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Carnegie Hall Manhattan NY

Undoubtedly, we all feel a little blue when our vacation comes to an end, but to help fight those feelings as much as possible it is always a good idea to pick up some souvenirs to take home with you and help serve as a reminder of your trip. Therefore, if you are near Carnegie Hall, NY, and want to know where to buy souvenirs, check out our guide below.


Novelty items, city souvenirs, trinkets, merchandise, unique treasures, collectibles, books, and a thousand other options. PIQ has everything covered, and you will be sure to find a souvenir for every occasion as there are so many options available. This store is colorful and bright and full of warm welcomes. For excellent customer service and top quality goods at decent prices head to PIQ for a little afternoon shopping.

Address: 74 W 50th St

New York, NY 10112

Midtown West

FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz is extremely popular so don’t be surprised if people are queuing outside, but if you have time, don’t be put off by the queue either. Inside you can browse a massive range of city gifts and souvenirs and have fun with the display toys – this place is both for adults and kids.

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10111

Midtown West

New York Attitude Gift Shop

New York Attitude Gift Shop is an excellent place to go to for gifts and souvenirs. Their popularity has increased immensely since opening and has recently opened an online store. You will find everything you need and more here, from typical souvenirs and replicas to the more unique and unusual things like NYPD dog coats and toys – you will love shopping here.

Address: 843 7th Ave

New York, NY 10019

Grand Slam New York

This store is open every day and is truly the grand slam for gifts and souvenirs. There are several floors and departments with a different section in each, ranging from gifts and trinkets to clothing and everything in between. You can buy products associated with the city, the attractions, and even the NYPD. There is so much variety in Grand Slam New York that we would recommend going when you are not in a rush so you can fully enjoy everything on display.

Address: 1557 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

b/t 46th St & 47th St

I Love NY by Phantom Of Broadway

I Love NY by Phantom Of Broadway is a chain store in and around the city, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. They have a fantastic range of gifts and souvenirs here not only about the city but also, of course, about Broadway. They sell a lot of Broadway items that you might not be able to find anywhere else, and although their slightly higher prices reflect this, they often have offers and discounts throughout the stores.

Address: 235 W 42nd St

New York, NY 10036

b/t 7th Ave & 8th Ave

You need not go home empty-handed with some of the best souvenirs shops in the city!

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Best Coffee Shops in Carnegie Hall Manhattan NY

If you love to get your coffee fix each day then you are no exception, in America alone, more than four hundred million cups of coffee are sold on a daily basis. There is a reason that coffee is so popular because it is just that tasty… most of the time. Coffee can be the better part of your day sometimes, so it is important that you are going to the right places to get the top quality for your money. With that in mind check out our list of recommendations below for the best coffee shops in Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, and start your day in the greatest way possible.

OCD Cafe

Coffee is taken seriously at OCD cafe, and only the finest of beans are used in their drinks. The highest quality Arabica beans are imported from around the world to make sure you are getting the most deliciously brewed coffee in every sip. The fresh taste and heavenly smells make for a dreamy coffee, and despite the high quality, OCD Cafe keeps the prices low, so you can enjoy it even more often. Swing by and pick up a sweet treat to accompany your brew and find out exactly why OCD Cafe is so popular.

Address: 1196 Avenue of the Americas

Unit 1, New York, NY 10036


Bibble & Sip

The team at Bibble & Sip takes pride in their work in order to bring the customer top-class service and drinks. The coffee served is gourmet using beans from around the world that have been blended to perfection. As well as the standard coffee options, Bibble & Sip also have a range of specialty coffees that are infused with various flavors of syrups, all of which are made in house. Not only are they known locally for their coffee but also for their mouthwatering baked goods made by highly trained chefs. Bibble & Sip offer the whole package when it comes to coffee time – check them out by visiting them in person or find out more on their website.

Address: 253 West 51st Street

New York, NY 10019

Website: bibbleandsip.com

Ground Central

Ground Central has all your needs covered; a great location, efficient service, friendly staff, cool interior, and of course, beautiful coffee. This place ranks highly because they have literally everything covered. They make picking up a coffee to be more than just a grab-and-go impersonal experience, at Ground Central you actually want to stay and take the time to relax and enjoy every moment. It is a great place to stop for a break and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and their menu has so many options that there is something for everyone.

Address: 888 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10019


Coffee is an ideal way to help you get through the day, especially on days where you think you’ll never have a minute to yourself. Well, there is always time to stop for a moment and treat yourself to one of the area’s most flavorful cups of coffee.

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