Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Carnegie Hall, NYC

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Around this iconic music hall is a great number of restaurants, unique vendors, museums, historic high-rises and countless stories. Yet with all that there is around Carnegie Hall, one might think to explore what events and activities there are in the neighborhood. Whether you’re a tourist, visiting the city for friends and family or a local looking for something around you, read on for some of our favorite places to sleep under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors here around Carnegie Hall.

The Pond

This quiet corner of Central Park is your one-stop for verdant, enchanting backdrops, celebrated as one of Central Park’s more immersive corners. The presence of wildlife here also makes for a great opportunity for wildlife photographers, with rare appearances by exotic species drawing crowds in the past.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park occupies the tranquil, yet centered setting of Roosevelt Island, providing unobstructed views of the skies over New York and of the Manhattan and Queens skyline. This is a great place to look out during the winter sunsets, where the cityscape itself, the winter constellations and setting sun can all be viewed from over the island. In addition to the parks and viewing areas, the rest of Roosevelt Island also boasts a number of compact and accessible dining and entertainment options, including outdoor recreation areas, pet-friendly trails, malls, and a lighthouse.

Central Park

Indeed, neighboring Central Park also has plenty to boast in the way of picturesque backdrops, including the Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy reservoir and the Great Lawn among some of the spots visitors can tour. These are but a fifteen minute walk from most of the neighborhood, and are a great setting for long-exposure photography, impromptu nights under the stars and nighttime meet-ups. Make the most of New York City’s green heart and bring the party to Central Park!

Rockefeller State Park Reserve

For those visitors that can travel out of the city proper, Rockefeller State Park Reserve is well worth the trip, a setting just as rich in wildlife as in scenery. Here at Rockefeller State Park Reserve, visitors will enjoy rustic crushed stone roads, the Pocantico Riverside, Swan Lake, bridges, colonial walls, thick forest, wetlands, streams, fields, and mansions. Also accompanied by a nearby historic park and a number of curated gardens, this is a great option for travelers of all ages and interests, a one-stop destination for animal watching, long-exposure photography and camping. 

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