Our favourite ways to spend summer in Carnegie Hall

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If you’ll be spending the summertime around Carnegie Hall, the sheer amount of options to explore and experience can be overwhelming. Read on for some of our favourite things to do around Carnegie Hall. 


For a more eccentric and outside-the-box experience, come to SPYSCAPE where you and your party can test your own spy skills and learn about real spy technology! In the EXPERIENCE exhibit, visitors can try their hand at cracking codes, suppressing facial expression and fooling a lie-detecting machine, hone their surveillance skills and crawl through a laser tunnel!  At the end, visitors discover which field of espionage suits them best, via the opinion of a former head of training at British Intelligence. In the MUSEUM exhibit, visitors can see a real enigma machine and learn about double agents, journalists who have freed men using their own skills of espionage and real-life special ops teams. There’s also the opportunity to purchase and take home your very own ‘ spy ‘ technology, including invisible ink pens, spy clocks, and rearview sunglasses. 

Central Park Zoo

Some of New York’s most famous residents live right here at the southern end of Central Park in the Central Park Zoo! Just a short walk from Carnegie Hall, you can meet the adorable Red Panda, mighty Grizzly Bear, majestic Snow Leopards, and the eccentric King Penguins. Here, these intriguing New Yorkers reside where the adoring public can visit year-round, and observe the animals go about their day. Sometimes, visitors can catch a feeding, where the Zookeepers introduce the public to penguins and sea lions and teach all sorts of fun facts. For an interesting learning experience in a fun environment, the Central Park Zoo is a good addition to any travel itinerary. 

Carnegie Hall Series by The MET Orchestra

Every year in the early Summer, The MET Orchestra plays a series of rare shows at Carnegie Hall. If you’re around Carnegie Hall in the Early Summer and are a big fan of Classical Music, this series of shows is a must. Enjoy The MET Orchestra and their talent as they fill Carnegie Hall with the music of Shostakovich’s Symphony Number 7. ‘ Leningrad ‘ or Act I of ‘ The Valkyries’ by Richard Wagner. Whether to enjoy Carnegie Hall at its finest, filled with art- or just to witness The MET Orchestra, be sure to stop by.

Party in the Garden at MoMA

Each Summer, the Museum of Modern Arts throws the spectacular Party in the Garden, to raise funds for the Museum as well as go towards other philanthropic missions. While the setting itself is formidable, the names that perform at this event are truly big, including St. Vincent, Nina Sky, ROBYN and Lykke Li. Be sure to dress up for the occasion, and mind that tickets are both pricey and non-refundable- $2500 per person and tables starting at $25000. 

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