Sustainable Travel in Carnegie Hill

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Welcome to the city that never stops moving. From late-night antics to daytime exploration the list is endless when looking for things to do in New York City. The city has grown significantly from its foundation in 1624 and because of its growth this city has a huge impact on a global scale for climate change. With 8.4 million people and buildings that are crowded in the concrete jungle this city never stops moving and never stops operating. With the city being so dense in population and businesses the city of New York has made some great achievements in making sustainable eco-friendly options for their tourists and residents readily available at all times. The move from reckless operations to healthy and green businesses and events had to be made if the city was to maintain its survival and the survival of the planet that surrounds it. In many cases we see these popular cities grasp the idea of becoming more environmentally healthy because they understand that their effect on the world is massive. In today’s world, we can make these sustainable choices for places to eat, ways of moving around the city, events to plan, and where we can spend our money and know that it is going to a cause that will benefit the planet. Here in this article, I will be listing a few sustainable tips and tricks to plan on your next trip to Carnegie Hill, NY that will not only be for the enjoyment of you but also benefit the city’s environment. 

The Met Rooftop Garden

The city of New York is full of hidden hole-in-wall spots that don’t get the fame they deserve. Well, this hole in the wall happens to be a hole in the sky that offers a unique garden experience among the tops of the buildings. The Met Rooftop Garden is located in The Metropolitan Museum of Art within Central Park. It offers a rooftop garden experience surrounded by green plant life, art that is breathtaking, wine and drinks available, and a social gathering for all like-minded tourists and residents. Sit among other sustainable event seekers and enjoy the view of a lifetime.

This event allows you to sit and enjoy the beauty of the city while being surrounded by thriving plant life. Whenever visiting a city like New York, it is always a green and sustainable idea to support the places that take care of their environment and give people a chance to escape the grey concrete jungle into a green oasis. 

If the rooftop garden wasn’t your cup of tea, then we highly recommend going down a couple of floors and enjoying the beautiful artwork around the museum. 

For more information on how to plan this destination as a part of your next trip to New York please follow the link below.

Javets Center Green Roof

The Javets Center is a huge convention center that hosts tons of events and is a significant contributor to the economy of New York. With such a massive building that brings in tourists and guests of all sorts this building can support the growth of New York’s economy by planning events that go all year round. While the ground-level business is thriving, a green oasis lies on top of the rooftop that allows its visitors to escape the noise of the city and enjoy some peace among the green life on the roof. For guests that are interested in this tour make sure to check out the website listed below on how to gain access to the green rooftop on Javets Center. 

They have covered their 6.75 acres of rooftop with plant life that is perfect for water retention, and all the rainwater that is captured is used within the facility. Energy conservation is also one of the center’s main priorities since they have such a huge impact on the environment and economy of New York. The green rooftop houses many bird species and allows wildlife to find a calm place to live and flourish within the busy concrete city of New York. This building is the perfect destination for eco-friendly minds and practitioners. If you require a calming getaway and need some peace, then the Javets Center Green Roof is the spot for you. For more information, please follow the link below.

CitiBikes Bike Share

One of the most important things we can do for a city while visiting is to limit our carbon footprint and travel throughout the city with green tactics. Luckily for us in today’s world, this goal is easily obtainable through numerous green bike-share companies that line the streets of New York. With convenience and comfort at every corner, the CitiBikes Bike Share company has made it super easy to tour the huge city with no effect on the environment. New York City already creates enough car emissions, and it is up to us to do anything we can to not add to the decline of the world and environment. 

Explore the great city and rest assured that your choice to ride around the city with the CitiBikes Bike Share company is a green and sustainable choice not only for you but the whole world.

For more information on how to catch a ride with CitiBikes Bike Share company please follow the link below.

Sustainable travel is a choice. One which we must begin to take seriously and make a top priority when visiting any city. The Earth we inhabit is a living thing and we must do anything and everything in our power to limit climate change and lower our carbon footprint. The choices to travel green are more available than ever and the mission to create a healthier world has already begun. Don’t be late to the movement and do your research on how you can travel with an eco-friendly mindset that not only benefits you but the whole world. If we wish to continue our travels to these great cities for many more years, then we must understand that it is up to us to make sure that dream becomes reality. Travel green and show the planet your appreciation. 

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