Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago is a great place to be if you want to experience fine dining; currently, there are a total of twenty-two restaurants that have Michelin stars, with many of these restaurants retaining their Michelin status from the previous year. Read our guide to help you navigate the best of the best.


Alinea, in the Lincoln Park area, was awarded three Michelin stars (the highest Michelin award possible) back in 2010, and 9 years later, it is the only restaurant in Chicago to still hold this honor. The menu has been described by critics as thrilling and full of tricks almost like a theatrical event that includes some preparations being done at the table side, food being made like a science experiment or meals delivered via balloon; it is a dining experience full of high intrigue, taste, and pleasure, with a large variety of options. Chef and owner, Grant Achatz, has also been the winner of many prestigious awards including Best Chef in the U.S a few years after opening Alinea. If you wish to have your own night in one of the world’s top restaurants, you can find more information and make a reservation on their website –


Situated in the West Loop area, Smyth has been a two-star Michelin restaurant for the last two years, and given that it has only been open since 2016, it is quite the achievement; it is a humbling place that many would think was rather ordinary when first stepping inside, but what the place lacks in extravagant interior design, it more than makes up for in the quality of the food. While the menu focuses more on an Asian theme, their burgers are frequently talked about, and always come highly recommended. The owners use a lot of food that is grown and fermented from a nearby farm, making the freshness and flavors of the foods extraordinary. The atmosphere only adds to the great things people say about the restaurant which leaves us in no doubt that you will not have anything other than a remarkable evening, head to – – for more.


There are only three two-star Micheline restaurants in Chicago, and the West Loop has two of them; Oriole concentrates on a contemporary theme of American and international food in their exclusively tasting menus. The open kitchen provides a perfect relaxed environment and allows dinners to get the full effect of the wonderful and distinct smells of the spices and citrus fruits used to give the food its delightful flavors, where they can make something as simple a bread taste like nothing you have eaten before. The restaurant also offers a well thought out drinks list with alcoholic and non-alcoholic suggestions available to provide you with the best food and drink combinations possible. It is no surprise that Oriole is often fully-booked, so check out their website in order to book a date with one of the leading restaurants in town –

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