Our Favorite Ways to Spend the Holidays Around Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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Dallas-Fort Worth. This Texas metropolis continues to grow in all areas, today a vibrant and bustling metropolis of nearly eight million. With this growth, the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to offer more and more activities every holiday season, which can prove challenging to those compiling a travel itinerary… fortunately, we’ve narrowed it down to our picks. Whether you are only visiting, returning home to see friends and family, or a local looking for something to do around home, read on for some of our favorite ways to spend the holidays here around Dallas-Fort Worth.

Christmas Capital of Texas in Grapevine

Just the name alone is exciting, isn’t it? Indeed, Grapevine makes Christmas bigger, like everything else in Texas. Whether as a family, a couple, a group, or as a solo traveler, Grapevine offers so much to see and do during the holiday season that this is a no-brainer for any holiday season plans. No matter the age or interests, there’s truly something for every kind of holiday season with over 1,400 events over the holidays! A number of dining options to feed parties of all tastes and sizes, glockenspiel performances, wine tastings, artisan workshops and demonstrations, dinner shows, absolutely massive holiday gardens, and light shows, live musical performances, and shopping opportunities as far as the eye can see, Grapevine dubs itself ‘Christmas Capital of Texas’ with good reason. With all the opportunities to take home souvenirs, make memories and do it all here, Grapevine is a great option for everyone. We recommend snow tubing for a truly exhilarating experience. Take the whole group to Grapevine and celebrate the holidays in every way imaginable!

Holiday at the Arboretum

Holiday at the Arboretum is one of Dallas’ more elegant and breathtaking sights of the holidays, located in the grand Dallas Arboretum. Among gardens, intricate Victorian gazebos, a towering 50-foot-tall musical tree, and a million lights and endless lit paths to explore and enjoy, this is a premier holiday season attraction rich in photo opportunities and activities for everyone. Enjoy the daily shows at the many festive stages over the Arboretum or sign up for interactive (and delicious) seasonal classes in decorating cookies! Bring the whole group to the Dallas Arboretum for the holidays and enjoy the beauty of its gardens and holiday spirit.

Dallas Holiday Parade

One of Dallas’ largest outdoor events, the city’s big heart for the holidays is on full display every year at the Dallas Holiday Parade. Enjoy the strong sense of community and the joys of the holidays at this annual spectacle, where giant floats, humongous balloons, horseback performances, costumed celebrations, dancing troupes, and truck shows take the streets with live musical performances, marching bands, and some of Dallas’ most eccentric and beloved faces. This event is a great way to celebrate the holidays and see all the different faces of Dallas.

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