Spa Retreats in Near Dallas, TX

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Dallas. A beautiful city known for numerous cultural activities, opera, musicals, ballet, symphony concerts, and its sports teams such as the Cowboys and the Mavericks. The city of Dallas is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea after a long day of exploring any city would be ending your day with a luxury spa retreat. With that being said, the city of Dallas offers numerous places to refresh and rejuvenate yourself! Let’s explore the city of Dallas and find out the best spa resorts that you should check out! 

Hiatus Spa + Retreat 

When looking for a spa to enjoy during your stay in the city of Dallas, a highly recommended option would be Hiatus Spa + Retreat. Hiatus Spa + Retreat is a spa in Dallas that has been around for decades and has established a reputation for being a safe house for those seeking relaxation. Hiatus Spa + Retreat also has opened multiple locations throughout the state of Texas making it easily accessible when visiting different parts of the state. The location in Dallas is the company’s flagship location and offers a unique and serene aesthetic that is apparent as soon as you step into its doors. With a theme consisting of white and wood, the Hiatus Spa + Retreat in Dallas offers a modern and chic atmosphere that will put your nerves at ease. The Hiatus Spa + Retreat offers many different treatments, including, hot stone messages, body scrubs, scalp treatments, facials, acupuncture, body wraps, and manicures and pedicures. Hiatus Spa + Retreat also offers packages, for example, the Monthly Retreat package

which consists of different services that change throughout the month per visit. While you are visiting this luxurious spa, be sure to try their signature green tea and have the comfort in knowing that regardless of which location you find yourself in, Hiatus Spa + Retreat will provide you with consistent service, so that you will feel just as good as you did with the last location you visited. 

The NOW 

The NOW is a wonderfully luxurious spa that is based in the city Los Angeles, with a location located in the city of Dallas. Step into The NOW’s doors and you will find yourself in an oasis of peace in serenity. As you walk through, you will notice the natural materials surrounding you, such as crystals and wood. When entering your private area surrounded by thick canvas, you will be able to listen to the soft ambient sounds of the ocean with scents of coconut in the air, making you feel as if you have been transported into a beach on the coast. Along with the beautiful atmosphere, The NOW offers plenty of services that should suit your spa needs. Services include many different types of messages, herbal heat therapy, soothing scalp treatments, and eye masks. Book your appointment with The NOW spa to not only relax but also to be transported into another world of peace in serenity! 

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