Renting an Ebike in Detroit, Michigan

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Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, are gaining popularity in cities all across the nation. They are bicycles with small electric motors that assist the rider upon pedaling. This makes for a smooth and easy ride over rough terrain. The state of Michigan recognizes ebikes as normal bikes, since the motor has no emissions and does not run on a fuel. Therefore, ebikes can be ridden wherever normal bikes can go, including city streets and bike paths. There is no law on the books in Michigan regarding bike helmets for riders of any age, so use your discernment when it comes to wearing one.

While staying in Detroit, you might want to rent an ebike from the American Cycle & Fitness Electric Ave. Bikes. Electric bikes are considered a premium rental option and pricing is $65 for daily rental or $300 for a weekly rental. The models they have available include the Conduit+ 20, the Townie Go! L 26, the Townie Go! M 26, and the Powerfly 7 17.5.

Another great option would be Detroit’s bikeshare program called MoGo. This program has kiosks all throughout the city with ebikes available for rent through their TransitApp or directly from the kiosk station. MoGo accepts both cash and a flexible payment option. Once you have your pass, grab your bike and get to riding! When you are finished with your ride, you do not have to return it to the same station where you rented it, simply return it to an empty slot at a nearby kiosk and you’re all done. This is the easiest way to rent an ebike in Detroit, as the app will show you where the ebikes are located throughout the city with a lightning bolt symbol.

Now that you have rented your ebike, where do you ride it? We have a couple of good suggestions for you. First, we have a short and easy path for someone looking for a nice bike ride without much commitment. The Clinton River Park Trail is a smooth asphalt path, only 4.5 miles in length. Even though it’s a somewhat shorter bike path, the scenery is lovely with tall grasses and the babbling river passing right on by. A few wooden bridges dot this path as well, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures if you’re so inclined.

If you’re more adventurous and want an all-day bike ride, we suggest the Border-to-Border Trail. This trail clocks in at 19.7 miles and is a mixture of asphalt, crushed stone, and boardwalk. The good news is none of this terrain is any match for your ebike. This trail winds through grasslands and woods and crosses the river on a huge wooden bridge.

Come and rent an ebike in Detroit and go on an adventure!

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