Renting Ebikes in Houston, Texas

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Electric bikes, or ebikes, are easy to rent in Houston, Texas. They are bicycles with an electric motor that helps the operator pedal the wheels, giving you a smoother, easier ride over bike paths and trails. In the state of Texas, you do not need a driver’s license to ride an ebike as they are not classified as a scooter or a moped. There are no helmet laws either, and no age restrictions for those who wish to ride an ebike.

A few options are available for renting ebikes in Houston. The main shop that rents ebikes would be Pedego Electric Bikes. There are two locations in Houston, one in Houston Heights and the other in West Houston. This shop has two ebikes for rent, the 36 Volt Electric Bike for $25 an hour or $100 a day. They also offer the 48 Volt Electric Bike which rents for $30 an hour or $110 a day.

Pedego has a special rate during these times of Covid-19 and social distancing. They offer a weekly rental rate of only $250 while supplies last. This is a fantastic deal, considering their rentals per day is $100! If you rent an ebike and decide you’d like to purchase one, all your rental fees will go toward the price of purchase.

Another option to rent your ebike would be the Houston BCycle, a bikeshare program in the city. This service offers several kiosks all throughout the city with plenty of bikes and ebikes for you to choose from. Ebikes with this service are rented at $6 for every 30 minutes with a $26 per-bike pre-authorization fee. After the bikes are safely returned to one of the BCycle kiosks, this fee will be refunded. You can purchase a monthly membership from this service for only $13 with unlimited trips! An annual membership is $79 which also includes unlimited trips and an RFID card for ease of rental.

Pedego West Houston is conveniently located near a gorgeous bike path called the Cross Creek Bike Path. This path meanders through rolling hills and near lakes and waterways. If you ever get tired of biking, plenty of rest areas are available to sit and enjoy the landscape. This trail is known for its beautiful wildflowers that bloom along its path. You will enjoy the natural beauty of what Houston has to offer.

Another trail you might ride is the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail. This bike path is 33.8 miles long and follows the edge of the bayou in southwest Houston. This trail connects several diverse neighborhoods, including recreational facilities and universities. Experience nature without leaving the city! The serenity of this path is accented by the backdrop of Houston architecture.

You will not regret renting an ebike for your adventures around Houston!

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