What is open in Houston TX during the coronavirus? Part 2

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You would be forgiven for not understanding all the new rules and guidelines that are being enforced for businesses at this time. The coronavirus has certainly changed all of our lives in some way, and business owners have been hit the hardest. To help you understand better what types of business are open, and who you can support in the community, we have compiled a shortlist of what is open in Houston, TX, during the coronavirus.


The scruffy hair and untamed manes can finally be a thing of the past as hair salons, albeit tentatively, are allowed to open at this time. Of course, you will need to check with your favorite salon what rules they have in place, and definitely only go if you have booked an appointment in advance.


Right now might not be the ideal time for many people to even think about getting a tattoo, but for those of you who wish to press on with any tattoo plans, you can now go get them done. Tattoo parlors have been given some of the strictest guidelines of any business, due to how intimate getting a tattoo is, but that does mean that if a parlor is open, you know that you are as safe as can be. Head to places such as Texas Made Tattoo Ink or Sintown Tattoo Studio for a great experience.


Home Depot is one of the nation’s best-loved and trustiest stores, providing all the essential goods and equipment that people need in an emergency. Due to the fact that the items they sell are so important when people are having a crisis with their home, this store has vowed to never close; even during the coronavirus. They have instead implemented social distancing in store, mask usage, and have changed their closing times slightly in order to spend more time cleaning and sanitizing at the end of each day.


If there’s one thing that Texas gets right every time is the food, the kind of food that brings families together and comfort and joy at any time. Being without the restaurant vibes and outdoor dining has been hard for most people, with the constant pressure to cook at home night after night adding to an already stressful situation. However, get ready for some delicious food again as restaurants start to reopen. Granted, not every restaurant is able to accommodate diners, so call to check first, but the open ones are proving delivery and take at a minimum – check out some of Houston’s top spots below.

  • Brennan’s of Houston
  • Xochi
  • BCN Taste & Tradition
  • Artisans Restaurant
  • Coltivare Pizza & Garden
  • Theodore Rex
  • Benjy’s
  • Andalucía Tapas Restaurant & Bar
  • UB Preserv
  • Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

The changes and closures have been extremely hard for everyone in Huston, but by working together and following the regulations, this city will be able to once again thrive. If you have concerns or questions, you can head to the city’s website to find more detailed information and the necessary contact numbers.

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