Aquariums around New York, NY

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New York City. The Big Apple. This global hub speaks for itself, needing no introduction in virtually every possible area, including a wide range of aquariums. With so much to see in New York, we’ll dive right in. Here are some of our favorite aquariums around the city that never sleeps. 

New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium occupies a historic part in the nation’s identity, the oldest continually operating aquarium in the United States, located on the iconic Coney Island boardwalk. Here, New Yorkers have enjoyed learning about the conservation efforts and realities of ecosystems around the world, principally through some very iconic ambassadors! These include species such as the sea otter, sand tiger shark, green moray eel, cownose ray, harbor seal, and the black-footed penguin. Crowds can enjoy the bountiful exhibits, sea lion shows, and feedings here at the New York Aquarium, all in an incredibly famed area of the city.

Central Park Zoo

For over a century, Central Park Zoo has been one of the premier attractions for generations of New Yorkers to see and learn about the wonders of animals, land, and sea. Here, famous faces like the chinstrap penguin, king penguin, macaroni penguin, gentoo penguin, California sea lion, grizzly bear, and snow monkey reside in a series of habitats, some of New York’s most interesting and eccentric residents. The California sea lions here have regular feeding shows, and love to show off their smarts to the crowds. The four species of penguin and the tufted puffins also have regular feeding shows, with their lovable antics above water and below for all to see. 

Aside from these close-up looks, there is also a 4-D theater, where groups can experience nature programming and family films. For a family-friendly experience with some of the most iconic and important species in a fun set of activities, the Central Park Zoo is a great option.

Bronx Zoo

In the Bronx is truly a larger installation. The combined efforts of the Bronx Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society over a century have amassed to a project spanning 650 species represented by 4,000 animals in over 260 acres. Indeed, this impressive amount of species is evident in the scope of aquatic species visitors can see here; from the American alligator to the Aldabra tortoise, California sea lion, Magellanic penguins, little penguins, Nile crocodile, and the small-clawed Asian otter. 

In addition to the myriad species, there is also a number of feedings, Q&A sessions, zoo shuttle rides, a ropes course, feedings, shopping, and dining options to round out any visit to the Bronx Zoo. These experiences accommodate groups, the public, and smaller parties of all interests and ages providing many opportunities for visitors to explore all sorts of topics. Whether visiting or local to the New York Area, groups of varying ages and diverse interests will find more than a day’s worth of activities and reasons to come back again and again.

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