Our favourite ways to spend summer in New York, NY

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Whether a short summer trip, a whole summer or even a lifetime, there is so much to do in New York City that it’s not possible to see everything in this bustling global capital of over Eight million. With this in mind, it can be hard to choose the most memorable sights and additions to any travel itinerary. Here are some of our favourite ways to do summertime in the city that never sleeps. 

Statue of Liberty 

Step inside the monument that has represented the hopes of Americans and people from over the world, standing proudly atop Liberty Island. Visit the Statue of Liberty Museum and follow the long life of Lady Liberty, from the conception of her image in France, her assembly, her voyage across the Atlantic and her reemergence in New York. Here at the Museum, you can also view over 500 photographs from throughout her life, and then walk over to the main statue. The crown of the statue provides a beautiful view over the New York City area and the Upper Bay. For a personal introduction to one of New York City’s (literal) biggest personalities, come to Liberty Island.

American Museum of Natural History

For an inspiring learning experience, come to the American Museum of Natural History, whose wealth of antiquities and rare artefacts have drawn the curiosity and imaginations of New Yorkers for generations. Here, exhibits cover a variety of topics, from the stars to the diversity of life on our planet, to ancient humanity. Among these are the immersive Hayden Planetarium, collections of Primates and Asian mammals, a replica of an Easter Island Moai and an Olmec head. Whether to explore our histories or our surroundings, the American Museum of Natural History and it’s value on learning makes it a good addition to any Summer plans in New York. 

Fourth of July in Brooklyn

Experience the city come to life with Patriotic spirit on America’s birthday, and celebrate in a truly unique setting- New York City! Gather at High Noon to see giants like Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut compete to eat the most Hot Dogs in ten minutes, and head to the Brooklyn Bridge at night to see a stunning display of fireworks. Whether at a rooftop deck, a city park or from a cosy window, fireworks over the skies with Lady Liberty and New York City is a great way to spend the Fourth of July. 


SummerStage is an electric community event, featuring artists from a wide variety of genres including Pop, Rap, Latin that all play in New York’s Central Park. This long-standing New York City tradition pits serious names and massive crowds in the middle of the city. Some of these performers in SummerStage’s past include George Clinton, Talib Kweli, Tokimonsta, Kool & The Gang and San Fermin. This event occurs all over the summer and travels at times over the city from its main venue in Central Park. For a thrilling memory of music and an intense atmosphere, come enjoy the music at SummerStage.

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