Best Coffee Shops in East Village New York NY

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The East Village has more than its fair share of coffee shops, but that doesn’t mean that you can stop on any of the sidewalk cafes for a decent cup; like all cities, there are good places to go for coffee, and ones to be avoided. In order to make sure you always get the coffee you want and never have to suffer through a tepid cup of weak coffee that ruins your morning, we have put together some recommendations of the best coffee shops in the East Village, New York so you can get the coffee you need!

Coffee Project New York

In just five years the owners of Coffee Project have managed to open three locations across New York City thanks to their huge popularity and infamous coffees. Their aim was to provide coffee that was just better than everyone else’s and they succeeded, in just a short time they earned a multitude of awards in the industry for their blends, brews, and their highly talked about the deconstructed latte. Their coffees are an experience in themselves, and their brewing methods are known all over the city. This is one of the best coffees you will ever find and is the perfect definition of a hole in the wall. Read more on their project and success using the link below.

Address: 239 East 5th Street

New York, NY 10003

Saltwater Coffee

There is a big difference in coffee shop culture between America and Australia; in America, it is very rushed and busy, everyone comes as quickly as they go running off to the next place they have to be, whereas in Australia the coffee shops are laid back, it is a place to go and relax, to catch up with friends or talk to the other customers. Australian coffee shops have a communal vibe that is absent from American shops. Well, the Australian owners of Saltwater Coffee missed this atmosphere after they relocating to New York, and after much thought, they decided to open a coffee shop in keeping with Australian culture. Not only does this place sell delicious coffee, but it is the perfect place to go to experience coffee in a way where the setting is also an important part. Take a real break out of your day, and sit back and relax with one of Saltwater’s tasty blends.

Address: 345 East 12th Street

New York, NY 10003


Three Seat Espresso

This coffee shop is in a beautiful location facing the park, it is bright, airy and spacious making it a great place to work, and the range of top-class coffee and great tasting food is just another reason to visit and stay. They have a very good choice of coffee blends that smell as wonderful as they taste, and the consistent service with a smile means you always feel welcome here.

Address: 137 Avenue A

New York, NY 10009

There are plenty of mind-blowing cups of coffee to be had in the Eat Village as long as you know where to go, so now that you do know exactly where to go, you’ll never have a bad cup again!

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