BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Newark, NJ

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BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Newark, NJ 

Newark. A beautiful city known for being the most populous city in New Jersey, for having the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the United States, for being the second largest city in the New York metropolitan area, for being the United States third oldest city, and its wide array of things to do, Newark is a city that exudes excitement. When the weather starts to get bright and beautiful during the summer season, it’s time to get the grilling started. Not only is it fun to enjoy grilling at the comfort of your own home, but a great summer pass time is enjoying and participating in bbq cook-off competitions to not only fill your belly with the seasons delicious foods, but also compete to see if your signature recipe can win over the hearts of the judges and those attending. When looking for bbq cook-off competitions that are near Newark, fers plenty of options. Let’s take a look now at some of the most tasty and fun bbq cook-off competitions that Newark has to offer. 

New Jersey State Barbecue Championship 

If you find yourself in Newark and are looking for a place to enjoy tasty barbecue and the option to compete yourself while in New Jersey, the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship is a perfect option for you. The New Jersey State Barbecue Championship is a 3 day event that features the competitive barbecue championship, special display, cooking demonstrations, and vendors that will be providing the tasty food and beverages. On top of all of this, another festival by the name of the Anglesea Blues Festival will be in conjunction with the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship and features both national and regional blues bands, providing free entertainment at the main stage of the event. The New Jersey State Barbecue Championship is hosted by the Kansas City Barbecue Society which is the world’s largest association of barbecue enthusiasts. Competitors of this competition have a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash prizes as well as receiving an award. Gather your friends and family and be prepared to feast on both deliciously mouth watering barbecue and smooth jazz.

Ferry St. Barbecue 

Located on Ferry Street, Ferry St. Barbecue is an excellent option for those who would rather enjoy tasty barbecue in a restaurant, rather than at a festival. Ferry St. Barbecue is a well known barbecue establishment in Newark. The restaurant serves a 

variety of barbecued meats that are rubbed and slow cooked on a rotated grill. A favorite of this restaurant is their half ribs and half chicken combo that comes with a side of yellow rice and fries. Ferry St. Barbecue is also known for their large portions and affordable prices, assuring that you will be getting a bang for your buck. Visit the Ferry St. Barbecue when in Newark, you can thank us later.

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