Sustainable Travel in Sacramento, California

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Welcome to the capital of the golden state of California where anything is possible, and the weather is always nice. California is home to many cities that each hold unique attractions and events that bring tourists around the world to see. Sacramento is home to some major educational hubs such as UC Davis and is also home to the NBA team the Sacramento Kings, so it’s safe to say that this town is no stranger to tourism. With California being the top destination for tourists to come to visit, some of the major cities have begun taking the initiative to make their towns greener and eco-friendly to combat climate change and environmental decline. Sacramento is no different in its mission to supply top-of-the-line tourism but at the same time provide options that benefit the environment of the city and planet for the tourist to plan. With restaurants that offer some amazing farm-to-table meals, bike-share companies that allow tourists to see the city while also being eco-friendly, and some truly breathtaking outdoor experiences that reconnect you back to nature. Sacramento is a perfect example of how to provide green tourism options that help lower our carbon footprint on the planet. Let’s do our part and make sure to plan our trip accordingly with an eco-conscious mind. Here in this article, there will be multiple events and adventures that you can partake in while also keeping your carbon footprint minimal and maybe even supporting the city’s environment and community. Let’s begin our trip to the wonderful city of Sacramento. 

Sustainable Restaurants 

Sustainable restaurants are always a better choice than regular restaurants. The food is always sourced from local farmers and our support of these restaurants helps keep the ecosystem alive and well. Your gut will thank you and the environment will be grateful for your eco-conscious decision. Below is a list of restaurants that do things a bit differently in hopes to support their community and lower their carbon footprint. 

The Waterboy 

Located on 2000 Capitol Ave in Sacramento is this Italian and French-style restaurant that sources all its ingredients from local farms. They offer a seasonal menu that keeps the food new and fresh all year round and the choice for sustainable food couldn’t be any better. If you are a huge Italian or European food fan, then this place is sure to fulfill your taste bud needs. For more information about The Waterboy Restaurant please follow the link below.

Mulvaney’s Building and Loan

Local ingredients from farmers who tread lightly on the Earth. Priority to not waste any food while cooking. Composting all their trash so they don’t fill endless dumpsters full of trash every week. The Mulvaney’s Building and Loan Restaurant is the ultimate sustainably run restaurant within Sacramento and has set the standards for all other restaurants within the city. They have a green mission to supply quality foods at no cost to the environment and are doing the city and world a huge service by sticking to their mission. Make sure to support this business and by doing so you will be supporting the local farmers and environment as well. For more information, please follow the link below.

Nature Walks and Parks

Outdoor attractions are abundant in any city you visit. As the world is looking at climate change more intensely and attempting to conserve as many green lands as possible parks and nature attractions are becoming more available everywhere around the world. It is a beautiful sight to behold when cities preserve some of their natural lands and leave nature untouched and unbothered by human construction. The world is a breathtaking sight on its own, and we need to support the cities that prioritize preserving these lands. It is as simple as planning a walk in the park or hiking a trail that leads you to destinations that will alter your perspective on the planet. In the name of natural land conservation, we need to make sure to set at least one day out of our trip to Sacramento to visit one of the many natural attractions they offer. 

Capitol Park and Museum

Trees that provide shade for you to lie in and relax, monuments that encapsulate the capitol’s history and government, tours through the capitol building that serves as a museum and active government building, and endless natural beauty in the form of flowers and trees that surround the park. Capitol Park is a must-see destination for eco-friendly travelers for many reasons. Not only is the park full of nature that excites us nature lovers, but it also is full of preserved history and art that makes the city of Sacramento what it is. Plan a trip to the park and lay in the grass for a couple of hours. The trees will keep you company and the flowers will bloom as you walk by almost as if they are cheering for your arrival. If the park doesn’t interest you then please take a chance to explore the museum and support the conservation of the capitol’s history. For more information, please follow the link below.

Auburn State Recreation Area

Need to escape the world and reconnect back to nature? Auburn State Recreation Area is the perfect hiking destination for those seeking to fill their days with exploration and outdoor recreation. Hike the many trails along the riverside and give your thanks to the land for its natural beauty. There is no better way of traveling sustainably than to get out into nature and have zero carbon footprint by participating in a hike or outdoor adventure. To make sure your visit is as sustainable as possible make sure to bring a trash bag and pick up any trash you see on the trails. The world will thank you and good luck will be in your future for taking care of the planet we all inhabit. For more information, please follow the link below.

The historic and busy city of Sacramento, California is full of green attractions, eco-friendly events, and sustainable restaurants to enjoy all over the city. It is our choice as eco-conscious travelers to do the research and plan our trips accordingly to make sure our travels are not only beneficial to us but also to the city we are visiting. Enjoy a hike from time to time, buy from local shops that practice sustainable operations, and give back to the city by limiting your carbon footprint. The options are always available, and the rewards are always refreshing. The planet needs our help and through sustainable travel tips and tricks, we can begin to heal the world and keep these cities healthy and alive.  The city of Sacramento awaits your arrival and contribution to the environment. Travel smart and use your travels as a way to give back to the planet.  

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