Our Favorite Things to Do on New Year’s Eve around Salt Lake City, UT

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Salt Lake City. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Utah, between mountains, saline waters, forests and flats and a dynamic community- Salt Lake City is on the come-up with more to offer each year! Whether you’re a visitor, returning to see friends and family or a curious local, you’ll be delighted to know there is a great variety of activities to do here around the year. Read on for some of our favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve here in Salt Lake City, and get ready to explore!

Last Hurrah

One of Salt Lake City’s most beloved annual traditions is the Last Hurrah! a gathering of community, live music, vendors, delicious food, crafts and merchants to bring the city to life on this special evening. For groups, families, couples and solo travelers of all interests, there’s something for everyone at the Last Hurrah! Aside from these many offerings, there’s also the nearby options for entertainment, including the HallPass Food Hall, Wiseguys comedy club, Flanker Kitchen and Sports Club, Dave & Busters and a number of restaurants, bars and clubs that stay open well past midnight. Come find something for everyone in your party at the Last Hurrah! this New Year’s Eve.

Snowbird Torchlight

Take the party to the gorgeous, snow-capped scenery of Snowbird and attend the torchlight parade and fireworks this New Year’s Eve! This is a great opportunity for postcard photos, adrenaline rushing ski and winter sports, and provides absolutely breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the Salt Lake City area. A festive parade and firework show occurs earlier in the day, a convenient choice for those travelers who need to be mindful of an earlier curfew or are wanting to fit other items on their New Year’s Eve itinerary. We recommend all to try their hand at the number of winter sport recreation activities in the wealth of mountains around the Salt Lake City area during their visit. 


Come celebrate the New Year with some of Salt Lake City’s cutest inhabitants- the furry faces of the Hogle Zoo! ZooLights is a family-friendly event of a light and sound show of over 200 animal and holiday themed displays, spiriting visitors away into a festive winter wonderland on the grounds of the Hogle Zoo. This is also a rare look into what the animals get up to after hours, and is a solid option for groups, families, couples and solo travelers alike. Spend your New Year’s Eve at this cheery and inclusive event, at ZooLights at the Hogle Zoo. 

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