What to do in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City, Utah is a city with a unique history and several historical sites to explore, from the Mormon Temple to the Temple Square to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. However, we have collected some recommendations of what to do in Salt Lake City that will bring excitement to everyone in the family. Let’s take a look at this town and see what Salt Lake City has to offer the vacationer, the tourist, or the local.

First, we recommend the Natural History Museum of Utah. One of the most popular exhibits on display now is the Antarctic Dinosaurs. Come and learn all about dinos in the ice and how they lived and adapted to such cold extremes. This is an immersive exhibit, so be prepared to go back in time 200 million years. This museum also features exhibits such as Native Voices, which celebrates the Native American tribes of the region, Life, which explores what makes life “life” from DNA to various ecosystems, and Gems and Minerals, which teaches all about the geology of our beautiful planet. This will be a fun-filled romp for the whole family.

Second, “This is the Place” Heritage Park is an excellent choice for an outdoor excursion. This fun-filled park is an experience like no other. Take a tour of how life used to be for the pioneers who first settled in Salt Lake. The kids can ride ponies, ride trains, or visit the Native American Village where you’ll be able to grind corn or make necklaces out of arrowheads. You’ll be able to experience life as a tinsmith or a blacksmith and see if you have what it takes to do chores as the pioneers did. The Gift Shop at the Visitor Center is the perfect place to find the perfect souvenir. “This is the Place” to have an amazing day.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is open to the public, which means a fantastic adventure awaits you and the kids! All your favorites are here, and all exhibits are open, such as the African Savanna, Rocky Shores, Asian Highlands, and the Elephant Encounter. Restaurants and shops are open as well, so you’ll be able to have a little fun, and so is the Zoofari Express Train Ride and the Conservation Carousel. Whether you love the rhinos, the giraffes, the ostriches, the gorillas, the tortoises, or the bears, Hogle Zoo has it all. Delight your family on a zoo trip today.

Finally, the Tracy Aviary is the place to go for every bird lover extraordinaire. Aviary Events have been put on hold until further notice, but you will still be able to come and admire the residents of the aviary such as the pelicans, the Sandhill cranes, the Chilean flamingos, the macaws, the owls, the swans, the condors, and so much more. The shops and cafes are open, and you’ll be able to hear 15-minute Keeper Talks on different birds that happen at 2:15pm daily.

In Salt Lake City, your adventure awaits!


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