Travel Safety Essentials Tips: for Protecting Yourself and Your Belongings

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Keeping yourself and your things safe is paramount when traveling. It can be a lot of pressure to try to keep yourself and your stuff safe, but there are lots of products that can help you keep everything under wraps. Along with some standard safety tips, you should be in good hands!

Safety First

Some basic safety tips can go a long way to protecting your belongings, including not leaving valuables in the car, keeping your car locked even when you’re inside of it, and not including any valuable personal information in the glovebox including the title of the car, your birth certificate, passport, or license.

Keeping yourself safe is also important, so make sure to avoid seedy areas, especially at night; don’t leave your drink or food unprotected; and don’t make your travel itinerary publicly known. Make sure to inform family or close friends of your plan, so they know where you’re at and what your general plans are. This can help avoid you going missing, since someone knows your rough location. Keeping basic safety protocols in mind is key. Asking your hotel or Airbnb manager where to avoid can help keep you away from unsavory spots. Being mindful of the local culture of where you’re visiting can also help – don’t go running into any random bar fights or protests you see unless you’re there specifically for that protest or march.

Products to Keep Your Stuff Safe

1: Door Stop Alarm

The first product we recommend taking along with you is a door stop alarm, like this one from Amazon. This particular one has three levels of sensitivity, from low to high, depending on the distance from the alarm to the door. This one has a very loud alarm, so you can definitely rest comfortably knowing that you’ll be woken if someone’s trying to enter your room without your consent or prior knowledge. This option comes in two colors (black and white) and you can get up to a pack of four stoppers.

2: Travel-Friendly Safe

The second product we recommend is a portable, travel-friendly safe. This one comes in three sizes: 3 liter, 5 liter, and 12 liter. It’s able to be stored flat or you can secure it to a fixture like furniture or pipes. This particular safe is water-resistant, so you can bring it to the pool or waterside without being too worried about the things in it becoming damaged. This can fit up to two 10 inch tablets, along with a phone, IDs, money, credit cards, passports, etc. It’s lightweight, coming in at only 0.91 pounds when empty, so you can carry it comfortably and easily.

3: Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

While you can store a laptop or tablet in the travel-friendly safe above, this one is specifically built for laptops. This is 15.6 inches, comes in a variety of colors, and is friendly on your wallet at only $30. This design in particular features multiple pockets for your phone, pens, key fobs, and even an external charging port so you can have your phone or other USB-charged device tucked safely into a pocket of the bag without losing access to your charger. This material is durable, water-resistant, and comfortable with a padded design against your back.

Products to Keep Yourself Safe

1: First Aid Kit

This first aid kit comes with 160 pieces, including gauze, non-stick pads, tape, Neosporin, bandaids, and more. Its compact design makes it ideal for taking along with you for travel, making it easy to tuck into your bag as you go camping, hiking, or even just lounging poolside. Depending on what you’re doing while traveling, having a first aid kit like this one can save you from unnecessary pain. Coming in at less than $20, it’s a sound investment in your safety in the event of an emergency.

2: Emergency Whistle

Just like the first aid kit, this is a perfect option for travelers who are going into the countryside for camping, or travelers who prefer the city experience. This is a personal alarm with a backup whistle. This design features a key ring clip, so you can attach it to your bag, your belt loop, or your keyring. This comes with a full 1 year warranty with purchase, as well, so if you run into any issues with the product, it’s covered under the included warranty. The goal of this is to make a high-pitched alarm noise in the event that you press the button, alerting people around you to potential danger or that you need help.

3: Battery Pack

While this may seem out of place for how to keep yourself safe, a battery pack is key to keeping yourself safe. This one in particular is compatible with multiple different types of devices. This one also includes an 18 month included warranty upon purchase. At less than $20, this battery pack can help keep your phone charged so you can call emergency services or even family and friends as you travel.

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