Where To Eat And Drink At Newark International Airport

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Need to grab a quick bite, down a refreshing drink, or a place where you can hang out until the next flight comes?

Here are the top spots on where to eat and drink at Newark International Airport:

1. Daily

When you step into the Daily, which is situated right at Terminal C, you’ll notice its stylish art deco setting. A farm-to-table seasonal menu means you’ll have good reason to visit the restaurant each time you land at the EWR. Some of the best-tasting food include duck wings, calamarata pasta, pan-seared halibut and tomato-and-burrata sandwiches. One bite and you’ll know that the ingredients are really as fresh as they are advertised.

2. Melange Petit Patisserie

Renowned pastry and sweets chef Jacques Torres has made Melange Petit Patisserie the sweetest spot in Newark International Airport. You get the usual “fast” food fares such as salads, sandwiches and crepes, but the stars of the show are the delectable desserts. Buy some hand-made chocolates, cookies and whatnot to eat or to bring home to your family or friends.

3. Saison

Saison is a staple French-style spot where you can order heart-warming and filling food such as pasta, tuna nicoise, quiche, shellfish, onion soup and others. Here you’ll be able to taste choice dishes made by chef supreme Alain Ducasse and wash it all down with plenty of select wines. Service is pretty quick and there’s nary a chair or decor that’s out of place.

4. Tsukiji Fishroom

Sushi in an airport may be the introduction to a good joke, but Tsukiji Fishroom aims to surprise you with its excellently prepared, first class fish. The seafood here is as fresh as any top-class restaurant, thanks to the fact that it’s flown in from the renowned Tsukiji Fish Market via a non-stop United flight. Hungry customers will love the freshness of the fish. Just how fresh? They are consumed within 25 hours of arrival to ensure maximum gastronomical enjoyment.

5. Wanderlust Burger Bar

Wanderlust is the prime choice for meat eaters who want the choicest beef served just the way they like it. The burger bar features the Wander Burger, buffalo chicken sandwich, Kobe beef dogs and more. You order via an iPad and the service is relatively quick. You can also order salads, sides and liquor or refreshing beverages along with your meal.

6. Phillip’s Seafood

Phillip’s Seafood is arguably the best place for a sit-down meal and when you’re not in a hurry. The blue overhead canopy makes you feel like you’re sailing on a boat under a clear blue sky. Seafood staples are in full force here- you can get clam chowder, lobster rolls, fish and chips, Maryland-style crab and standard American fare such as omelets, burgers and sandwiches here. Go for the house amber ale if you want a beer, or signature cocktails to sip as you wait.

7. Salumeria Prima

Get a sample of tasty cheese straight from Murray’s Cheese NY, along with pastries, panini and a host of cured meats presented by Elizabeth Falkner of Orson and Citizen Cake fame. Adults will be sure to enjoy the great selection of cocktails, craft beer and fine wine found in this upbeat, trendy shop.

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