Best Picnic Spots Near Minneapolis MN

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Spending the day alone, with family, or with friends, in the sunshine with a big picnic is one of the best days you can have. There is nothing better than being outside with great company, great food, and a feeling of being among nature, and if you have a charming picnic area then the day won’t be beaten. Therefore, in the article below, we have compiled a list of the best picnic spots near Minneapolis, MN, so you can organize the perfect day out.


Hidden Falls Regional Park has to take the top spot in this area because its beauty provides the perfect backdrop for a picnic. You can choose to sprawl out in the open lawns, or unpack at one of the picnic booths, but both options will leave you surrounded with views of the Mississippi River, endless lines of trees, and luscious greenery. After your picnic, you can follow the hiking trails to get even better views and stop off at the hidden waterfalls along the way. Hidden Falls Regional Park isn’t just a place to stop on a lunch break, it’s a place to go for an adventure-filled day out.


Check out Wabun Picnic Area for great views of the Mississippi River as you tuck into your lunch. This area is spacious so there’s plenty of room to find a spot either on the grass or at one of the sheltered picnic tables. If you are going with kids they can roam free in the playgrounds, or in the wading pool. There are also walking paths for you to explore the whole park, and disc golf to keep you occupied. This park is packed with things to do during your summer picnic.


Boom Island Park gives you some of the best views of downtown Minneapolis in the whole city. There are several restaurants nearby which are popular spots to grab some takeaway food and set up a picnic here. There’s also a boating dock, and the river is open for a paddle or a walkthrough. There is no doubt that you can relax all day long in Boom Island Park and spend some time around the sights and sounds of nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Minnehaha Regional Park has nearly two hundred acres of walking paths, hiking trails, and open lawns. There are waterfalls, riverfront views, bike rentals, and picnic spots. It is one of the top places in Minneapolis for a picnic and is perfect for any group, and any ages. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and the scenery will take your breath away. What better way to have a picnic than in a place that is so beautiful and relaxing.

Minneapolis is bursting with hidden beauty, parks, waterfalls, trails, and picnic spots. There are so many to explore, so when the sun is shining, get out there for your next picnic and find your favorite.

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