How to Make a #Staycation Feel Like a Proper Vacation

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Whether you need to opt for a staycation due to travel restrictions or a tight wallet, there’s no reason it can’t be just as fun and refreshing as a traditional vacation. Here’s some advice to make it special.

Stay True to Your Travel Style

There are two types of travelers in the world: those who like to fit everything in they possibly can and those who like to spend their vacation relaxing and pampering themselves. Whichever you are, it’s ok! Just make sure to design a staycation that suits your style. If you’re the former type, build a solid itinerary and push yourself to follow it with just as much energy as you have on your trips, even when it’s tempting to remember that you’re home and don’t need to cram things in. And if you’re the latter type, don’t let daily chores distract you from relaxation! Let it all go for a brief while, just like you do on vacay.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Chances are, there are a few tourist attractions in your city that you’ve never properly been to. Perhaps you assume that famous landmarks will be too touristy, so you avoid it all costs. Or it can be really easy to put off visiting a place knowing it will always be there, or to just get into a lazy pattern where you’d rather spend your Saturdays on the couch rather than exploring.

However, we have news for you – unless you actively try to visit all the places you’ve “always wanted to go,” you’re never going to get there. And when you live in a place, you have the advantage of visiting attractions off-peak when there will be fewer crowds.

So the first step of your staycation is making a list of all the “must-do” attractions, “must-see” viewpoints, and “must-try” restaurants around your home, just as if you were planning to visit somewhere completely new. How many have you not experienced yet? There’s your itinerary! This may seem better suited to the aforementioned style of traveler who likes to cram it all in, but even travelers who like to relax can think of experiences and places that fit their pace.

Pretend You’re at a Hotel

What’s your favorite part of staying in a hotel? If it’s room service, order breakfast in with an app like Seamless during your staycation. If it’s not having to worry about cleaning up, hire a cleaning service for a few days. If it’s access to a whirlpool tub, luxuriate in a bath with some special products. You get the picture. Whatever it is, you can find some ways to make home feel special for a time.

Prepare Accordingly

Just like you have to make preparations when you’re leaving town, make sure you have all the minutia of everyday life sorted out before your staycation starts. The last thing you want is to feel pressured to take care of business or household chores that you would never do on vacation just because you’re in your home.

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