#ItsAllAboutTheJourney – Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Next Road Trip

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There’s nothing like the Great American Road Trip! And given continued travel restrictions preventing Americans from taking their vacations abroad in many countries, more and more people are turning to road trips when they need to get away from it all.

While road trips are a fantastic way to see offbeat sites and to truly appreciate the vastness of the country, they can also come with cranky kids, flat tires, and sore backs. Here are some tips to try to make your road trip the best it can be:

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do after a long day of driving is to show up in a town exhausted and see a bunch of “no vacancy” signs. Make sure you sit down before your trip and plot out a reasonable amount of distance to cover. 

However, make sure you leave some room for spontaneity in your trip. The whole point of a road trip is to be able to stop at unique landmarks, cute roadside stands, quaint towns, and scenic viewpoints that pop up along the way. So, build some buffer time into the number of miles you’re going to cover each day so that you’re not pressed for time trying to get to your next destination!

And if you want to feel more freedom of the open road, it’s wise to only plan your hotels one or two nights ahead so that you can go where the wind takes you.

Come Prepared

The beauty of a road trip is that you don’t have to pack light, so you might as well make sure you’ll have everything you need to be comfortable! Here are some things to include in your packing list:

Food: Bring a cooler and stock it up with healthy options like fruits, veggies, and sandwiches so you’re not relying on gas station junk food if you get really hungry.

Car Supplies: Make sure you have the basics like a spare tire and tools, and know how to use them!

Health: It probably goes without saying at this point that you’ll want masks, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes. But make sure to also bring a basic first aid kit (with Dramamine for car sickness) and if you’re prone to back pain while driving long stretches, some painkillers and a heating pad for the hotel room.

Entertainment: There’s nothing worse than boredom on the road, and singing songs or playing “I Spy” can only get you so far. If you have kids, make sure they have plenty of games, books, and toys to keep them occupied. And for yourself, bring an aux cord so that you can plug your phone into the car stereo and listen to your favorite music or podcasts.

Have Fun with It

Now that you’re super prepared for the worst, remember, the whole point of a road trip is to have fun! And you can’t do that if you’re too anxious about potential issues that may come up. So, trust that you have prepared well and will be able to navigate any unexpected problems with grace.

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