Why You Should Consider RV Travel for Your Next Vacation

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RV on the road.

Looking for a relaxing 2023 vacation, but aren’t sure where to start? Usually, one would start by looking for where to go – let’s say you’ve got that part sorted out. Now, how do you get there? Flights can be fickle, cars can be tricky, so why not consider an RV?

Buying an RV

RVs – recreational vehicles – are available all across the United States, whether you’re looking to rent one or buy one.

First, let’s look at the idea of buying an RV, almost exclusively for travel plans. Whether you’re a frequent flier, or someone who only catches a plane when necessary, we can all agree that airfare can be terribly expensive when you factor in luggage, additional travelers, pets, etc. That can get quite costly, even with cheaper airport parking through sites like On Air Parking, or even being shuttled to/from the airport (or a similar service like Uber or Lyft).

Unfortunately, there is no average for an RV, since the pricing can vary wildly on what you’re looking for out of your new vehicle. Some can cost as little as $10,000, with others ranging up into $300,000. That’s because the type of RV can change, and that can cause the cost to drop or raise wildly. If you’re looking for a pull-behind, small trailer, you’re likely looking at a more modest price point. If you’re looking for the full thing, you’re looking at something a bit more expensive.

Additionally, RVs come along with their own insurance, gas, and maintenance fees. That’s not including the RV parking fees that come along with travel, especially for those frequenting more popular spots like national parks or other must-see places across the U.S.

However, you can save quite a bit of money by having a vehicle and a hotel in one place. You have the luxury of in-home meals versus expensive takeout, since RVs can come equipped with full kitchens and bathrooms. You aren’t paying for a hotel when you buy an RV, since you can just stay in the RV.

If you are not a frequent traveler and may only use the RV once or twice a year for a truly epic trip, then you can convert it into a leasing opportunity by renting out the RV and potentially bringing in the income necessary to balance out the cost of buying it.

Leasing an RV

Sites like Outdoorsy can give you an idea of how much an RV rental may cost you depending on the type of RV you’re looking for. Something like an older Winnebago may average you around $100 or less per day, whereas something more bougie would mean a 45-footer and bring the price tag up to $500 a day or more.

You can also look around on places like RVshare, RVezy, and Allstar Coaches to get a better feel of the rental cost for an RV. This might be worth biting the bullet on, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that you’re sure to remember as you trek across state lines in an RV that rivals a house in terms of accommodations and luxuries!

Renting an RV gives you all the bonuses of an RV without the hefty price tag of buying one for yourself. Additionally, renters have the luxury of not dealing with maintenance (like owners) and generally share the same pros/cons list as a renter of an apartment, condo, or even a house. The cost can seem a bit high in the beginning, but for a once in a lifetime trip, it can truly be worth it.

Why an RV?

Now that we’ve looked at the cost of buying versus leasing, it comes to the big question: why use an RV for travel? RVs became a big boom in the past few years, with everyone going “off grid” and talking about downsizing from their standard homes into an RV. Everyone talks about the luxury of being able to go wherever, whenever, but what does that actually look like? Why is an RV better for travel when you can just as easily rent a hotel, stay in an Airbnb, or even crash with a local friend or family?

First of all, you aren’t paying for airfare, hotel stays, takeout or restaurant meals, etc. unless you truly want to. RVs can come equipped with their own fridges, stoves, ovens, and other full appliances like the ones you’d see in a house, or something more along the lines of a kitchenette you might see in a hotel. If you’re renting an RV from somewhere (or someone) local to you, you can pick up and drop off the RV in your very own city. If you purchase your own RV, then you especially don’t need to pay for additional lodgings beyond the RV parks.

Second, RVs give you complete freedom in terms of scheduling. You don’t have to worry about frantically leaving a hotel far before you’re ready, with most RV parks offering scheduling by daily, weekly, or even monthly rates all across the U.S.

Third, RVs give you the option to bring everything you need without additional luggage costs. You don’t have to pay for carry ons when you’re bringing along an RV, so you can have all your favorite items with you without an additional price tag. We’re talking blankets, pillows, clothes, books, laptops, and more.

Not a fan of camping, but want to be close to nature? RVs give you that middle ground, since you can park in an RV park, with many being available in national parks or preserves, but in an RV, you won’t be needing six coats of bug repellent to keep your skin safe at night.

Most RVs also allow you to bring along fur-friends, so your dog, cat, or other assorted critters won’t be lonely without you – nor will you be stuck with the cost of a sitter!

RV travel can provide unique opportunities to see the country in ways you wouldn’t in a hotel, Airbnb, or other stationary places. You can go camping in an RV park in any number of places, like national parks, hidden gems, and state preserves. It brings you closer to your family or friends as you travel, giving everyone an opportunity to hang out, talk, eat together, and generally just share space while that might be neglected in a hotel or even in a standard camping situation. Standard camping also comes with the unfortunate side effect of potential weather hazards, whereas staying in an RV can keep you warm and dry no matter the weather outside.

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