Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Washington D.C.

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If you are visiting one of the most famous districts in the world namely Washington D.C, then no doubt you want to make sure that you stock up on souvenirs before you head home so you always have a reminder of your trip regardless of why you were there. Therefore, to help you know where the best places are to buy souvenirs in Washington D.C, we have compiled a list of the top stores for you!

Metro Variety Shop

Our number one choice stocks everything you need to commemorate your trip. From the usual souvenirs such as hoodies, mugs, hats, magnets, and stationery, to the far cooler things like mini versions of the Declaration of Independence and other historical replicas. The owner goes above and beyond with customer service and generosity, and he has built quite a reputation in the area for his unbeatable prices and welcoming store.

Address: 1400 I St NW

Washington, DC 20005

b/t N 15th St & N 14th St


NT Souvenir

NT Souvenir are wholesalers for other shops, but the general public can buy items from here also. Due to the nature of the store, the prices are cheaper than in most shops, but because it is used mainly for bulk buying, keep a lookout for any defects on the souvenirs you want, and make sure you change them. Great shop with plenty of options for visitors.

Address: 525 Morse St NE

Washington, DC 20002

b/t N 6th St & N 5th St

White House Gifts

What is a trip to D.C without a visit to the White House? While you may not be able to go inside, White House Gifts is just across the street and offers a great alternative for you. As well as historical replicas, and White House memorabilia, they also have a mimic Oval Office inside where you can have your picture taken and feel like the President for the day!

Address: 701 15th Street NW

Washington, DC 20005

b/t N Pennsylvania Ave & N H St


Souvenir City

As the name suggests, this store stocks every and all souvenir you could ever want. This place is run by a friendly lady who is always on hand to help you find what you need. Reasonable prices, and a much calmer environment than the usual street vendors.

Address: 1001 K St NW

Washington, DC 20001

b/t N 10th St & N 11th St


Union General

Union General will exceed your expectations when it comes to gifts and memorabilia. They have a fantastic range of stock with all types of gifts and souvenirs including historical replicas, beers, home decoration, clothes, and little trinkets. The quality of goods sold is is higher than in most places, and while their prices reflect this quality, they are certainly not unreasonable.

Address: 50 Massachusetts Ave

Mezzanine Level

Union Station

Washington, DC 20002

You will never forget your trip to one of the most infamous places in the world with your new souvenirs and memories.

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