The Famous Tourist Attractions at Atlanta

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The Famous Tourist Attractions at Atlanta

Atlanta. A center of creation and innovation in music, sport, dance, film, medicine, science, flight and beyond, this Southern Mecca is a giant of the nation. With a leading presence in these fields producing the likes of Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Ray Charles and the recent explosion of cinema around the metro, Atlanta is quickly becoming a premier destination. No matter your interest or background, everyone is sure to find something for them here around the A. Read on for an overview of some of the most famous tourist attractions here around the city in a forest. 

Georgia Aquarium

Not just the largest aquarium in Georgia, nor in the South, nor in the country, but in the Western Hemisphere! The Georgia Aquarium with over 100,000 animals from over 500 species amid some 11 million US Gallons of exhibits is quite literally one of Atlanta’s biggest and baddest tourist attractions. A sight to behold for not only fans of aquatic wildlife but also a marvel of engineering and organization in its own right, the alternative option to tour the many inner workings of this behemoth is also an option to consider. Whatever the itinerary, leaving a spot open for the mighty Georgia Aquarium is highly recommended. 

World of Coca Cola

One of Atlanta’s most famous exports is the fizzy dark brown beverage beloved around the world – Coca Cola! Invented in 1886 in this same city by legendary pharmacist John Stith Pemberton, visitors can tour the lengthy journey of this drink from its medicinal origins to its presence in nearly every edge of the globe. Aside from the history and expansion of Coca Cola, another very famous attraction is the tasting room, where visitors can try sixty different Coca Cola products from around the world! (Fair Warning : the Italian “Beverly”’ is best used as a palate cleanser with caution – the intense taste is a common complaint for visitors).

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta, with over a thousand animals from over 220 species is another great attraction of the Atlanta area! Featuring famous faces such as the Komodo dragon, giant otter, Bornean orangutan, red panda, Sumatran tiger, sun bear, Chilean flamingos, western lowland gorillas, African elephants and most famously, the giant panda – visitors will delight in the sheer variety of iconic species. Whether to come observe these famous residents of the zoo, watch a feeding or cleaning session, or to book a closer experience in the Animal hospital or touring the behind-the-scenes operations of the zoo, Zoo Atlanta is a great choice for all visiting the city. 

Centennial Olympic Park

Commemorating the heyday of the exciting 1996 Summer Olympics, Centennial Olympic Park today is not only a historic site of both American and Georgia sporting history, but continues to be a center for song, performance and exhibition for the city! It is centrally located between many of Atlanta’s biggest attractions right in the heart of downtown, and also makes for a terrific photo opportunity to take in some of the major sights. During holidays, it is a hotspot for concerts and fireworks shows, and is especially vibrant in the summers with the Wednesday WindDown series. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of the most beautiful sights without needing to leave the city is the location of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, with an esteemed collection of trails, gardens and flowerbeds. Whether to enjoy the Georgia sunshine, pick out the perfect backdrop for your vacation photos or just to enjoy some of the finest in procured gardens and fresh air here in a city that really appreciates its canopy of green – Atlanta Botanical Garden is well worth a spot in your itinerary.

Ponce City Market

While Atlanta is blessed with a rich (and delicious) tradition of Southern Cuisine, Georgia-style barbecue, fried green tomatoes, and a more recent cosmopolitan profile of talented Korean, Vietnamese and Jamaican, it might be challenging to venture through the sprawling metro on a hungry stomach. This is especially pressing if you’re with a party who just can’t agree on what to eat! Thankfully, the Ponce City Market has us covered – with an esteemed collection of local craftsmen, artists, boutiques and kitchens, visitors can enjoy the most delicious of Atlanta all in one place!

Stone Mountain Park

Boasting a view over Atlanta and the Georgia countryside, as well as a festive park and village themed for the South, Stone Mountain is a local staple and a trip into the history of the region. Ride the cables up to the top of Stone Mountain and its expansive views, or venture through the exhibits and attractions suitable for families, large groups or couples alike. With an array of live music, historic reenactments, light shows, games, and southern food all set amid this towering rock and Georgia forest, make Stone Mountain Park your getaway while here in Atlanta.

Mercedes Benz Stadium

One of the marvels of American architecture in the 21st Century, this new addition to the Atlanta area has quickly become one of its most recognised faces. Apart from being a solidly iconic venue in its own right, this is also one of the most important homes for sport and performance here in the Atlanta area. Whether wanting to watch a Falcons game or a MLS home game or just witness one of the most striking sights you’ll see flying into Hartsfield-Jackson, Mercedes Benz Stadium should definitely be on every visitor’s radar. Just look out your plane’s window for the iconic stadium that looks a lot like a shutter almost closing from above. 

Delta Museum

Also related to the major presence in air travel are Delta’s operations in the city. Atlanta, being a hub of operations for the second largest airline in the world, one of the oldest in the nation and also home to the revered Hartsfield-Jackson airport, one of the busiest in the hemisphere in multiple categories. These are all celebrated and thoroughly documented at the Delta Museum, where visitors can walk through vintage aircraft and tour the history of this airline and of air travel in North America. Of particular note are the rare items from a more lavish era of air travel, as well as rare memoirs from discontinued routes and airlines. Take a picture next to a massive jet engine, walk through a double-decker plane and take home a souvenir from another time here at the Delta Museum. 

Piedmont Park

For those just looking for a calm, green spot to enjoy the sunshine and Georgia air, Piedmont Park is your go-to for community and to catch something happening. While Atlanta is renowned for its commitment to green spaces, tree coverage and parks, Piedmont Park is of particular note due to its central location and favor for performances, shows, walks and other community events. Looking for a picnic spot, a photoshoot or just somewhere to unwind for those longer visits, Piedmont Park is a sure addition to your bookmarks for those researching Atlanta before your trip. Just be sure to keep track of the weather and pack accordingly – whether it’s comfortable shorts and plenty of water, or a hot beverage and a good winter coat. Atlanta’s location both in the South and also not too far from the mountains of North Georgia make it susceptible to drastic weather changes.

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