Sustainable Travel in Baltimore, Maryland

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Sustainable travel, also known as ecotourism, green travel, or eco-travel is the smartest and most green way of tourism in the world. The main goal of sustainable travel is to limit our carbon footprint and preserve the natural beauty of the cities we visit. Activities that give back to the cities we are visiting, means of travel within the city to limit environmental decline, and events we can plan out that leave the cities in their natural state. Why travel to these beautiful cities and add to the deterioration of their ecosystem when we can plan our trips out in a way that gives back to these cities in many different ways? The answer is simple. If we want to continue the growth and preserve the foundation of these cities for generations to come, then we must plan safe and sustainable activities along with our trips. Here in this article, we will be discussing the many ways we can give back to the city of Baltimore when visiting and examining the options we have when it comes to limiting our carbon footprint when we travel. 

Sherwood Gardens

When visiting the lovely city of Baltimore, we must visit the beautiful Sherwood Gardens that display thousands of tulips for all to enjoy. The true essence of a green-minded traveler is to not only give back to the town in small ways but to also enjoy and bring awareness to the natural landscapes these towns have preserved. Giving our appreciation to the natural beauty of the gardens may seem like an insignificant gesture, but in all reality, this feat is the most powerful of all when trying to give back to the city of Baltimore. Cities like this have gardens and nature preserves that are seeking recognition and gratification from the ones that travel there. It is within our ability to share the wonders of these gardens through pictures and to show the world that these types of displays are what we are grateful for any time we go to visit somewhere away from home. 

By showing our appreciation for the Sherwood Gardens we can soak up all the natural green beauty, take breathtaking pictures for social media, and ultimately show the city of Baltimore that the beauty of these gardens is what we are seeking when traveling. Thus, setting the standard for all cities to try and preserve their natural beauty for all to see for as long as possible. From thousands of tulips planted that would light up anyone’s day, to flatbeds of grass to lay in and watch the clouds roll by, the Sherwood Gardens is a perfect getaway attraction for all visiting the city of Baltimore.

For more information and location details please feel free to follow the link below. When you get to the Sherwood Gardens make sure to take a picture and give thanks to the city for displaying such beauty for all to see.

Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens

Yet another local event we can plan out during our trip to the great city of Baltimore that will spark life in the viewer and motivate these cities to follow the footsteps of Gardens like these to be available in every city you visit. Want to travel green and leave little to no carbon footprint while you are touring the city of Baltimore, then we highly suggest taking your family or yourself to the inspiring Gardens at Rawlings Conservatory to enjoy the time and dedication that went into creating the spectacle of natural beauty. 

This destination will consist of 5 greenhouses that all differ in climates and appropriate plant life that is custom to the climates in these 5 different greenhouses. The flowers and colors that encompass the gardens are there year-round for all to come and visit, and the workers and founders over at the Rawlings Conservatory take the land conservation motive seriously. They accept small donations with the purchase of a ticket and all donations go back into the funding to keep gardens and nature preserves like this one open and thriving. If our goal is to sustainably travel and give back to the cities like this one, then we must do everything in our power to contribute to the conservation of this land’s natural beauty. Rawlings Conservatory is the perfect destination to visit and give back to the city of Baltimore. 

For more information on how you can plan out your visit to the Rawlings Conservatory make sure to check out the link below.

Farmers Markets

One of the best ways to support the cities we are visiting is to make sure to buy local produce while staying for a temporary stay. The local farmer’s markets in the city of Baltimore are the true soul of the economy and with our help and support, they can continue to flourish and supply the city of Baltimore with fresh and local ingredients for all to eat and cook. Sure, the first thing we think about when we go visit these cities is where to eat and what restaurants have the best food, but if we are staying for a couple of nights it would be a smart and eco-friendly choice to support the local farmers with purchasing food from these events. 

The money we spend at these local farmer’s markets will support the economy of the city and provide the financial means for the city to continue its mission of supplying the locals with fresh and natural ingredients for years to come. While we enjoy the tasty and nutritious meal, we have gathered from the farmers market we can rest assured that our contribution to the city has been made. This method of sustainable travel is one of the best ways to support the beautiful city of Baltimore.

For more information about times and events for the local farmer’s markets in Baltimore make sure to check out their Facebook page linked below.

Sustainable travel habits and the ability to be eco-conscious are a choice. When visiting these cities to enjoy their beauty and environment we must begin to make choices that keep these cities alive and healthy. In today’s world, we have the technology and funding behind choices that allow every consumer and tourist to travel sustainably and give back to these cities. The world is our home, and we must take care of it if we want to continue traveling and enjoying the beauty of our most beloved cities. Travel green and plan your trips with an eco-conscious mind. The choice of sustainable travel is one that not only benefits you but the whole world.

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