Baltimore FAQs (BWI)

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What parking area is closest to the terminal at BWI?

  • The closest parking to the terminal is found at the Hourly garage. It is located directly across from the terminal.

Does BWI offer long term parking?

  • Yes, BWI offers two long term parking lots.

How much does it cost to park long term at BWI?

  • Long term parking is available at a rate of $8 per day. 

Are shuttle buses available at BWI?

  • Yes. Shuttles run approximately every 8-10 minutes to and from the Express, Daily, and Long-term parking lots.

Where can I wait for an arriving passenger?

  • BWI offers a Cell Phone lot, located just to the right of the Daily Parking Garage. 

Is there a fee to park in the Cell Phone lot?

  • No. This lot is free to park in, but vehicles must be attended at all times. Vehicles must be private vehicles and there is a maximum wait time of one hour. 

How much is Daily parking at BWI?

  • Daily parking is available at BWI at a cost of $12 per day.

Is there covered parking at BWI?

  • Yes, the spaces in the Daily parking lot are all covered spots.

What is the cost of parking at BWI?

BWI offers several parking lots: 

  • Hourly garage: $4 per hour/$22 per day
  • Express parking: $10 per day
  • Daily garage: $12 per day
  • Long term parking: $8 per day

Is oversized vehicle parking available at BWI?

  • No. Unfortunately, BWI is unable to accommodate oversized vehicles at this time.

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