Fun Summer Things To Do In Baltimore, MD

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Summer is finally here!  The kids are out of school, and backyard barbecues are taking place all over the nation.  After the year we had in 2020, and most people having chosen not to take a vacation, you can almost rest assured that families will be out in full force this year.

With this in mind, we thought we would offer a few great vacation ideas to help you plan, as well as some places that would be great for just a few days away.  We all need time to recharge and some well-deserved play in the sunshine.

Here are some of the best places to check out this summer!

National Aquarium

501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202

The National Aquarium – also known as National Aquarium in Baltimore and formerly known as Baltimore Aquarium – is a non-profit public aquarium.  The aquarium holds more than 2,200,000 US gallons of water and has more than 17,000 specimens representing over 750 species. The National Aquarium’s mission is to inspire the conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures. The aquarium’s stated vision is to confront pressing issues facing global aquatic habitats through pioneering science, conservation, and educational programming.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

2400 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

It is best known for its role in the War of 1812, when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British navy from the Chesapeake Bay on September 13–14, 1814. It was first built in 1798 and was used continuously by the U.S. armed forces through World War I and by the Coast Guard in World War II. Fort McHenry is the sight that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem “Defense of Fort McHenry” that was later set to the tune “To Anacreon in Heaven” and became known as “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the national anthem of the United States.

B&O Railroad Museum

901 W Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

The B&O Railroad Museum is a museum exhibiting historic railroad equipment in Baltimore, Maryland, originally named the Baltimore & Ohio Transportation Museum when it opened on July 4, 1953. It has been called one of the most significant collections of railroad treasures in the world and has the most extensive collection of 19th-century locomotives in the U.S. The museum is located in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s old Mount Clare Station and adjacent roundhouse, part of the B&O’s sprawling Mount Clare Shops.  Mount Clare is considered to be the birthplace of American railroading, as the site of the first regular railroad passenger service in the U.S., beginning on May 22, 1830

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

One Safari Place, Baltimore, MD 21217

The Maryland Zoo is a 135-acre park located in historic Druid Hill Park.  Druid Hill was opened in 1876 as the first major park purchase by the City under foreseeing Mayor Thomas Swann and was later designed by famed nationally-known landscaper Frederick Law Olmsted.  The Maryland Zoo is now currently home to over 2,000 animals and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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