How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Baltimore, Maryland

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How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Baltimore, Maryland

The truth is that no city likes the obvious tourist that is overly excited about very basic things and oblivious of how to act in the city they are visiting. Some visitors only visit well-known destinations and never venture to see the hole-in-the-wall places that only the locals know. Some aren’t in the know of how locals carry out their lives, and this factor makes visitors stick out like sore thumbs. This article is for the knowledgeable traveler that is looking for tips and tricks on how not to look like a tourist when visiting another city. From local destinations that not too many know about, information on what locals do in these cities, to ways of getting around town that are easy and help you look like a local resident with ease. Here is your one stop shop article for all things you must know when visiting the city of Baltimore in order to not seem like a tourist. Safe travels my well-informed traveler. Travel with knowledge and seem like a casual local resident with this article. 

Hole in The Wall Food 

There is nothing better than having an unexpected great meal at a restaurant that doesn’t stick out. What’s even better is finding these restaurants that sit low on the radar of the average tourists and visitors. The restaurants are most likely always full of regulars and locals, so when you walk through those front doors no one will ever question you are a tourist. Here in this section of the article we will be finding those destinations for you. Great food, low-key, and some of the best local energy you will find in Baltimore. 

The Tilted Row

A hidden gem located on 305 Mcmechen Street Baltimore, MD 21217. If you were looking for a high quality, low touristy restaurant to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner then the Titled Row is the destination of choice. Great seafood, burgers, and dessert options to indulge in. The Tilted Row is truly a hidden gem and a favorite for all the locals. For more information on the Tilted Row please follow the link below.

Gunther & Co.

Another hidden gem of a restaurant in Baltimore that has the locals raving praises. On Saturday and Sunday this restaurant serves as a great brunch spot for the locals, so feel free to wander in on the weekend and look like a seasoned local that knows where to find the best brunch options. During the week have some great low-key dinner options that will delight every food desire you have. For more information on Gunther & Co., please follow the link below.

Crucial Information for First Time Visitors

The truth about some cities is that sometimes they take advantage of obvious tourists. Crime and thievery are directed towards easier targets, so make sure to travel with knowledge. Do not go out in Baltimore late at night unless you are with someone who knows the area well. If you have a purse or wallet, make sure to keep it out of sight and secure to your body. As always just stay vigilant and do not make a scene when visiting a place that is not your home. Baltimore is a great city, but like any city it has its crime and tourists are usually the easiest targets. Have fun, stay relaxed, and know your surroundings. Speaking to locals and asking around what the safest and best places to explore is an easy way to get to know your surroundings. 

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