Top Colleges to Visit in Baltimore, MD

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Top Colleges to Visit in Baltimore, MD 

Baltimore. A gorgeous city that is known for its rich seaport history and its extremely modern architecture. The city is also known for some of its attractions such as the National Aquarium and the Inner Harbor. Baltimore is also home to the National Anthem. During the spring season, many schools are rounding out their school year and are getting ready for summer break, with seniors finishing up their studies and are on the search for a college to continue their education. When looking for colleges to attend or simply looking for a beautiful college campus to stroll through in Baltimore, the city offers plenty of options. Let’s take a look now at some of the best colleges that Baltimore has to offer! 

John Hopkins University 

When looking for some of the best colleges to visit or attend when in the city of Baltimore, John Hopkins University has to make your list. John Hopkins University is one of the most well known universities in the area and is known throughout the nation as being a prestigious and accomplished university. John Hopkins University was founded in the year of 1876 and is a private institution. John Hopkins University has a total undergraduate enrollment of over 6,000 students in the fall of 2020. The university’s campus is set in an urban environment and sits on approximately 140 acres of land. This wonderful school was also rated the ninth best college in the nation in the year of 2022. John Hopkins University is split up into nine different schools. John Hopkins graduate programs include high ranked programs such as Whiting School of Engineering, Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Education, School of Medicine, among others. With this impressive portfolio of top ranked programs, it comes to no surprise on why this school is ranked highly when compared to every other university. Get your learning on and tour the lovely campus of John Hopkins University; you won’t be disappointed!

University of Maryland 

Another lovely school that is worth taking a look at that is around the city of Baltimore is the University of Maryland. The University of Maryland is located in Baltimore County and was established in the year of 1966. The setting of this lovely beautiful university is set in a suburban area that is just forty five minutes away from the state of Washington and sits on 530 acres of land. The University of Maryland offers more than forty undergraduate majors and over thirty programs for graduates that includes programs in science, engineering, and public policy. The University of Maryland is ranked the 162nd best college in the nation and boasts a gorgeous campus. Whether you are looking for a place to take a stroll through during a beautiful afternoon or are looking for a university to continue your studies, the University of Maryland is well worth checking out!

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