Best Places to Take Pictures around Baltimore, MD

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Baltimore. This charming harborside city is as gifted in historic sights as it is in the vibrant array of activities that go on during the holiday season. Whether you’re visiting and drafting travel plans, a returning Baltimorean coming to see friends and family or a local looking for something to do around home, you’ll find more than you can choose from. Read on for some of our favorite spots to take pictures here around Baltimore. 

George Peabody Library

    One of Baltimore’s most stunning attractions is the George Peabody Library, some five storeys of over 300,000 rare and historical works showcased in a series of neo-Greco columns and intricate cast-iron balustrades, all illuminated by a marvel of a skylight. Between the open spaces, corridors, corners and countless shelves of the George Peabody Library, it is easy for visitors to get lost here. For all of its beauty, the George Peabody Library continues to be a frequented destination of Baltimore, as well as a venue for balls, weddings and formal events. 

Sherwood Gardens

    Another historic entry to Baltimore are the Sherwood Gardens, some six acres of over 80,000 tulips! This is a beautiful backdrop to any photoshoot, including massive rows of pinks, reds, yellow, white, orange, and lavender, all amid the houses of this charming and quiet neighborhood. 

Graffiti Alley

    This alley of Baltimore is frequented for its urban and patchwork appeal, and it’s not hard to see why. The Graffiti Alley is a local favorite for those wanting a setting that will match their creative and chaotic energies. In addition to the Graffiti Alley, the Motor House is a nearby attraction great for visitors who want to enjoy the company of artists and inventors, dedicated to the arts and unique expression.

Rawlings Conservatory

    The Rawlings Conservatory dates back to August 26, 1888, one of the oldest glass conservatories in the Nation. Five biomes of different flora comprise the interior, surrounded by a one and a half acre garden.  

The range in plant life and settings provided make the Rawlings Conservatory a great spot for visitors looking for a photo-op, a special day out or just a good place to sit and be for a while.

National Aquarium

    The National Aquarium has serviced Baltimore now for forty years and counting, with over 750 species among its more than 17,000 residents. Its capacity to captivate as well as educate in the virtues of protecting and appreciating our planet is apparent through the five stories and two buildings on its campus. These numerous tanks and exhibits make for otherworldly photos and the chance to have some great cameos from celebrities such as the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, Giant Pacific Octopus, Reticulated Ray, and Moon Jellyfish! This is a solid option to entertain groups, and its location in the inner harbor area makes it accessible from a number of other attractions. 

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