Aquariums around Baltimore, MD

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Whether visiting family, making travel plans, or looking for something to do in your own backyard, Baltimore is rich in aquatic life as it is in the arts and sciences. For some of our favorite aquariums of Charm City, read on. 

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium has serviced Baltimore now for forty years and counting, with over 750 species among its more than 17,000 residents. Its capacity to captivate as well as educate in the virtues of protecting and appreciating our planet is apparent through the five stories and two buildings on its campus. 

In the main building, Pier 3 Pavilion, the first level enters the Indo-Pacific Blacktip Reef, a dazzling display of the Blacktip Reef shark, reticulated ray, and zebra shark among sixty-nine species. Level 2 features a trip down the landscape of Maryland meeting the array of local life, including the famous native Atlantic blue crab. Level 3 is a showcase of the creative ways aquatic life has adapted to specific challenges, such as the abilities of the electric eel, seahorse, black grouper, and the famed giant Pacific octopus. Also present here is a touch pool where visitors can personally greet skate, stingray, and moon jelly in a hands-on experience. Level 4 is noted for its diversity, providing immersion into the Sea Cliffs, a Pacific Coral Reef, Kelp Forest, and the Amazon River. Level 5 is an extension off of the concept of the Amazon River, entirely dedicated as a walk through the Amazon rainforest and its rare inhabitants. Guests can also brave the Shark Alley and its stingrays, sandbar, sand tiger, and nurse sharks as well as the largetooth sawfish. In Pier 4 Pavilion is a stadium where crowds witness the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, as well as a massive glass facility housing the exotic flora and fauna of Australia. 

Aside from these exhibits, guests can also pay for appointments with more memorable and personal opportunities, such as an overnight sleepover, a behind-the-scenes tour, a chance to help train a Dolphin, and even a chance to dive in the tanks with Aquarium staff! Opportunities to tour and work side-by-side with Aquarium Staff to learn about the science and philosophy behind conservation and environmentalism are also offered in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Waterfront Park.

National Aquarium Animal Care and Rescue Center

Visitors with a special interest in animal care and animal sciences can also tour the National Aquarium Animal Care and Rescue Center, a separate facility dedicated to rescuing and healing animals. Follow all sorts of documentation, treatment, and rehabilitation with the professionals of the National Aquarium Animal Care and Rescue Center. Some of the notable feats include the rescue and recovery of Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Sea Turtles, from injuries sustained in the wild to hatching and raising for re-entry into the wild. For the safety of staff and animals, tours are currently only virtual, but much care and attention is made for virtual visitors specifically.

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