Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Cincinnati, Ohio

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Like most of America, Ohio and its cities are not yet included in the Michelin star awards, not because there are no restaurants that are worthy, but just simply because the Michelin guide doesn’t yet have the resources to cover the whole of the states, so until the time comes that they are able to expand, we will look at the best-rated restaurants near Cincinnati, Ohio, as according to Yelp, below.

Bridges Nepali Cusine

Nepalese cuisine is not common to find in many places, so Cincinnati is very lucky to be able to say they have fantastic Nepalese cuisine in their city! This restaurant is a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t experienced South Asian cuisine very much, but it is also the ultimate place to go if you enjoy this kind of food; the flavors are so strong and authentic that whether it is your first time or hundredth time you will have a special evening; Bridges Nepali represent Nepalese cuisine perfectly. They include all the dishes you would expect, including curries, samosas, lentils, and of course, the ultimate food of Nepalese dumplings. The food is so well-spiced and seasoned, you could never say that any of the dishes lacked flavor. Bridges Nepali is an excellent place to eat with a wonderfully decorated dining space, where the Nepalese culture comes through beautifully. They don’t currently have a website but you can see more about them and what they have to offer on their Facebook page.


With so many people saying that they never miss a chance to go to Sotto’s whenever they are in the city, speaks volumes about how well-loved Sotto’s is. Your expectations for Italian food will be superseded once you have dined at Sotto’s; the menu is full of true Italian dishes, and the ingredients used are fresh and high-quality, making for rich and deeply satisfying meals. You might feel a little overwhelmed with the number of options available on the menu, but all the food is phenomenal so you won’t have any disappointments no matter what you choose. Sotto’s is highly rated for many good reasons, and we are sure that once you have dinned here, you will be going as often as possible. Check out their website to see more, and take a sneak peek at all the delicious dishes they have

The Eagle

Specializing in southern comfort cuisine, with extra emphasis on fried chicken, The Eagle provides you with everything you could want when you go out to eat. They manage to make friend chicken exciting, with delicious flavors in every bite; there is a huge variety of ways and flavor combinations to have your chicken made, and there is also a really good selection of southern food sides and beer. The Eagle is an authentic restaurant that makes you feel good just by being there and is the optimal example of southern home cooking. Head to their website to see their mouthwatering menu and plan your meal for when you visit –

Cincinnati is wonderful place to be, and even better when it comes to dining out, there are some real hidden gems and plenty of restaurants that will become firm favorites among you and your friends.

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