Electronic Bike Rentals in Cincinnati

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In Cincinnati, electric bikes are gaining popularity as an exciting new option for outdoor recreation. These ebikes use electricity to assist the rider while pedaling, making for a smoother, less backbreaking experience than a run-of-the-mill mountain bike. Ohio law excludes ebikes from the definition of a “motor vehicle”, therefore they are classified as bicycles, and not as mopeds or scooters. A driver’s license is not needed to operate one.

Helmets are required for use, and for more powerful electronic bikes that can reach speeds of 28 MPH, the operator must be 16 years or older.

Wondering where to rent an ebike? We have a couple of great recommendations. Look no further than The Garage OTR. This shop features ebike rentals as well as Segway tours of the city. The rates for renting and ebike are as follows:

3 hours – $40

2 hours – $30

1 hour – $20

All of these prices include a $15 rental insurance as well as sales tax. However, you may opt out of rental insurance. A credit card is required for the mandatory security deposit. In order to rent an ebike from The Garage OTR, you’ll need to book one online. All pertinent links are listed below!

Another option in Cincinnati is the Cincinnati Red Bike. This ride-share is a service offered by the city itself with various kiosks on city sidewalks with ebikes available for rent for the day. How does it work? First, you can purchase a pass at any Red Bike location, then choose a bike that is available. You can return your Red Bike to any available kiosk when your ride is over, you don’t have to go back to the beginning! If you’d like to keep riding, you can rent it for longer, or choose a new bike at the next kiosk. If you use Red Bike regularly, you might consider downloading the app, which tells you where the kiosks are all around Cincinnati.

If you want to know where to ride, we have a couple of trails to suggest. The Ohio River Trail is a fantastic choice, clocking in at 23 miles long from start to finish. This trail connects several neighborhoods to Downtown as well as the Cincinnati Riverfront Parks.

Another offering would be the Mill Creek Greenway Trail. It is 3 miles long with asphalt and concrete surfaces, making it an easy trail for beginners and novices. This trail meanders through Cincinnati’s urban waterways, making for a mix of both city vistas and nature. This trail is still being built, and eventually, will wind a total of 14 miles through the northern neighborhoods of the city.

Access to ebikes is easier than ever in Cincinnati, and there are several great trails to ride. Come and rent your next adventure today!

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