Outdoor activities near Cincinnati OH

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Music, baseball, railroads, and the birthplace of Steven Spielberg, yes, you guessed it, we are talking about the great city of Cincinnati OH. There are plenty of things that this city is known for, and there are certainly just as many things to do – so if you want to know some of the best outdoor activities near Cincinnati OH, then check out the article below to get some great ideas.


The fantastic idea of pedal wagons has made its way across the pond from Europe to America, and Cincinnati is currently host to one of the many wagon tours in various states. These pedal wagons are like bikes, expect they are made for 16 people, oh, and they have a table and bar in the middle. Cycling around the city on one of these for the day is certainly different from the usual activities you may partake in, but you will have such a fabulous experience.


This go-kart track is constantly working at full speed, and as the name suggests, when you take part, you can spend your time going full throttle. This track is a great place to spend the day, as you race around the track competing with your friends and feeling the adrenaline rush through your body. Don’t worry if your driving skills aren’t up to much, this isn’t a requirement.


For the flora and fauna, the wild beasts and the dainty creatures – Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden have it all covered. Check out the exotic animals, watch shows, take part in feeding, learn interesting facts, and bask in the beauty of the gardens. You won’t believe the amount of weird and wonderful animals, flowers, and plants, you can see right here in the city – this outdoor activity is one where you will come time and again.


Okay, so you remember how we talked about the pedal wagons a few activities above, well, imagine that, except on water. Like with the wagon, the boats fit up to 16 people, so bring as many friends as you want, or take it as a chance to meet new people. Bring your own drinks and snacks, and spend the day quite literally cycling along Cincinnati River.


There are few better ways to explore the ins and out of the city than with a bike hire from Wheel Fun Rentals. The size of the bikes range from holding two people, all the way up to eight people. Cycle along the winding streets in comfort and style, and explore just about anywhere you please. Each bike even has its own canopy so you can still enjoy the ide to the fullest even if the weather isn’t on your side that day.

We might have chosen just a few of our favorite outdoor activities near Cincinnati OH, but there are still plenty of others for you to find, and of course, find your own favorites, too.

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