Romantic Spots Near Columbus, OH

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Columbus. A beautiful city known for its beautiful parks, the city’s amazing zoo, football, and for being the home of Ohio State University, the city of Columbus is a city that exudes excitement! Many people and couples visit cities for a lovely romantic getaway. With this being said, Columbus boasts multiple romantic things to do that will be sure to not have you and your lover wondering about date ideas! Let’s explore what the city of Columbus has to offer! 

Rock Climbing 

Are both you and your date adventurous, outdoorsy people? A wonderful romantic date idea in the city of Columbus would have to be rock climbing at Kinetic Columbus Rock Climbing. At Kinetic Columbus Rock Climbing, the gym offers 500 square feet of space 

to indulge in your romantic rock climbing adventure! The wonderful thing about this climbing gym is that anyone can enjoy climbing without feeling intimidated as there are different rock climbing walls that cater towards all skill levels! Kinetic Columbus Rock Climbing is open 24/7 as well, so both you and date can plan an adventurous and romantic date here at ease! Take your special someone by the hand and bring them to the Kinetic Columbus Rock Climbing gym to have a romantic and fun date! 

King Makers

A wonderful way to end your romantic day with your love would be at King Makers! King Makers is a bar in Columbus that is also a board game lounge. If you and your better half are looking to not only go out for a drink, but also get competitive King Makers is perfect for you! With just a $5.00 entrance fee, this small fee gives you access to play as many games with your better half as you would like! This truly unique and romantic experience will be sure to add a wonderful twist to a typical night at the bar! King Makers is perfect for double dates as well, allowing you and your special someone to compete against your friends all while enjoying your favorite drinks! Visit King Makers to ensure both a romantic and fun ending to your day! 

Zip Lining 

Another wonderful option for couples who love adventure and outdoors would be zip lining at Zip Zone! This wonderful date idea will be sure to keep you and your adventure date busy, with 5 courses of varying difficulty and over 60 challenge elements! Zip Zone is the largest forest climbing park in all of Columbus! Root for your date as they try to complete the treetop obstacle course that does in fact reep a physical challenge for anyone who dares to try to complete it! Take your better half to Zip Zone and make adventurous and romantic memories as you both endure the fun and challenges that await you! 

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