Denver International Aiport Conspiracy – 7 Theories

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Conspiracy theories can be found in every corner of the world, ranging from the highly controversial such as the earth being flat, or something a little more bizarre like aliens being experimented on at Area 51. Most conspiracy theories receive a lot of attention, but one theory you may not be familiar with is the conspiracy surrounding Denver International Airport; since even before construction began, mysteries and questions have surrounded the site, and in this article, we’re going to explore seven conspiracy theories connected to the largest airport in America.

1 – The Cost

It is not unusual for city projects to go over budget, especially one of this scale, however, Denver International Airport went over budget by $2 billion. Again, that’s two billion dollars, which is an obscene amount to be out by. The original estimate for the airport was for around $2.6 billion, so not only was the total cost nearly double, but it has never been explained where the extra money went; sure, by land area, the airport is the biggest in the U.S, so a lot of cash was needed to complete it, but still, people can’t help but wonder what all this money has been spent on.

2 – The Shape of the Runways

From above, the runways bear a stark resemblance to the shape of a swastika; the format of the runways is highly unusual compared to that of a standard airport, normally, you will find runways that are built parallel to one another, but at Denver International Airport, it is wildly different. A representative of the airport has previously commented to say that the reason for this is so there is enough space for multiple planes to land at the same time on all runways during their frequent bad weather. However, there is no denying that even as a way to aid plane landings, it is an odd choice.

3 – The Tunnels

So many tunnels. Due to the size of the airport, it features many tunnels and rails in order to transport passengers between the concourses, but there have been rumblings that say there are a large number of tunnels even further below the rail tunnels. These tunnels are said to be used by members of the New World Order and government officials, and stretch all the way to various Air Force Bases. Since during the construction of the airport, design changes were frequent, as were the changes to the contractors and their construction teams, people think it’s possible this was done so workers would never be able to get a true sense of the final design underground.

4 – The Killer Blue Mustang

Along the main boulevard by the airport, you will find a thirty-two feet bright blue statue of a horse; with is bright color, intimidating size, and red illuminated piercing eyes, it has been nicknamed ‘Blucifer’ by locals. Not only does it create a rather creepy atmosphere with its presence, but its creator Luis Jiménez was killed before he could complete it when one of the sections fell and crushed him one night in his studio. Family members and people who worked with Jiménez went on to complete the statue, but the mustang has not been well received by members of the public since its assembly.

5 – The Underground Bunkers

Like with the tunnels, it is widely believe there are secret bunkers under parts of the airport. This theory started when a construction worker stated that the delay of the construction on the airport, especially in the early stages, was because bunkers and buildings were being built underground, before the actual airport was worked on. It is true, there were indeed multiple delays during the building of the airport, with the opening date being pushed back several times, combine this with the vast amount of money spent on who knows what, and it does make you wonder if time and funds were being used for things other than airport matters.

6 – The Dedication Stone

As is usual practice, a dedication stone has been put in place in the airport, one that has been put over a time capsule (maybe we could open that early and get some answers), but it is what has been written on the stone that raises suspicions. Firstly, a symbol of the Freemasons has been included, the compass image with the ‘G’ in the center is indeed a masonic symbol, and the Freemasons are well known to be shrouded in mystery with their members and what they do remaining unknown, so why is their symbol on the dedication stone? Secondly, at the bottom of the stone is a group called ‘New World Airport Commission’ who is credited with funding the airport. This organization doesn’t exist. Granted their contributors below do exist, so why include a non-existent New World Airport Commission if you are trying to play down people’s concerns that the New World Order is involved?

7 – The Artwork

All around the airport you will find many pieces of art and various murals, but they are not all for the faint-hearted. There are several questionable pieces that have words like ‘love’ and ‘peace’ in their titles, but on inspection, are actually quite terrifying. They depict death and destruction, Nazi’s soldiers, remnants of war, children being followed by men with guns, animals that have been killed; are they trying to show a world that has been taken over by a higher power? Whatever the true meaning behind the art, one thing for sure that it is hard to understand why city officials thought art work showing such apocalyptic scenes would be appropriate for an airport setting, it is really quite unexplained why this art was selected, or why after so many people started questioning what they genuinely mean, why none of them have been replaced.

Denver International Airport is seriously huge, and you can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the terminals looking for clues and signs, but if you do decide to have a look around, be careful, there have been plenty of rumors of strange happenings, and you never know what you might stumble across. If you’re flying out of DIA and need Denver airport parking, we got you covered!