Ebike Rentals in Denver, Colorado

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Looking for a new adventure? Come and discover electric bicycles! Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are commonly called, are what you might expect, bicycles with motors that assist the operator while pedaling. These bikes are all the rage these days, helping bikers ride longer and more difficult terrain with barely breaking a sweat. If bike riding is your thing and you’re vacationing in Denver, here are some things you need to know.

Ebikes are able to go faster than a usual bike, therefore Denver asks riders not to exceed a 15 mph speed limit on all bike paths and trails. All class III ebikes that can go faster than 20 mph are not to be ridden by any children under the age of 16. All riders 18 and under are required to wear a helmet on an ebike per Colorado state law.

Where do you rent an ebike? We’re so glad you asked! Ebike rentals can be found at a shop named Vail Extreme Rentals. Their prices range from $85 a day, or $125 for 24 hours. What’s the difference, you might ask? Their daily price is until the shop closes for business on the day you rent. The 24-hour fee is if you decide to rent the bike overnight.

Another great shop for renting ebikes is Pedego South Denver. Their bikes range in size, from 24” to 26” to 27.5” to 28”. This shop is a chain and they are all across the United States. Pedego also sells ebikes, so if you’d rather walk out of their showroom as the owner of a brand-new electric bicycle, they can help you with that! Book your rentals by phone or online. All pertinent links are below!

Where can you ride your rented ebikes? Denver has several bike paths and trails from which to choose, but we think you’ll love the Cherry Creek Trail. This trail is Denver’s main bike trail which connects the neighborhood of Aurora to downtown. This trail is 20 miles long. It boasts not only urban areas, but lovely natural vistas as well. There are hills and valleys on this trail, which are no match for an ebike. Have no fear and enjoy your ride!

Another trail we recommend would be the Sloan Lake Trail. This trail from start to finish is 7.6 miles and does a complete circuit around Sloan Lake. This trail has magnificent views of downtown Denver and is a do-not-miss attraction for a day-long ebike trip. You’ll feel connected to nature but still in the city, and that is the charm of this lovely little trail.

Explore the countryside of Denver on a rented ebike. It is easy, fun, and affordable. You will not regret the fantastic memories you’ll make on your stay in scenic Colorado!

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