Lounges at Denver International Airport

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Denver International Airport is a vast space with a seemingly endless amount of corridors and gates, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming experience if you have to use the airport, and you end up boarding your plane feeling more stressed than ever, but fortunately, there are a number of lounges in the airport where you can take some time for yourself before your flight and escape the crowds of people rushing for their flight, have a drink and maybe even catch up on some work or sleep.

American Airlines Admiral Club

The American Airlines Admiral Club provide some really high-end comfort in their lounges, on top of this, they have a great selection of facilities, and unlike most other lounges they offer workstations which make it super easy if you need to get some work done before your flight, as well as relax. There is only one lounge at Denver International Airport, which is located here;

Concourse A, at the north end of the ‘A’ Gates

The lounge is open from 4:45am (so perfect if you have an early flight) until 12:30pm, every day.

You do need to be a member of the American Airlines Club in order to gain access to the lounge, but you can pay a one-off payment of $59 at the door if there is space available at the time. It may seem like a lot of money, but you really do get a great selection of facilities once inside, which are;

  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Printing Services via Hotspot
  • Personal Assistance
  • A Variety of Snacks
  • Internet Access
  • Televisions
  • Workstations

All the amenities are free, but there is a surcharge on a number of top-end wines and cocktails, but prices can be found once you are inside. The lounge is very comfortable, and you can easily unwind before your flight, however, there are not any sleeping facilities for you to use.

Delta Sky Club

The Delta Sky Club Lounge at Denver International airport is a fantastic place to hang out before your flight, it has a wonderful view of the runway, making the lounge feel very light and spacious, and the decor is very modern and stylish. There is one lounge located at the airport in the following place;

Concourse A, Central Core, Fourth Floor

The lounge is open every day from 5am until 7:30pm (although times may vary as it depends on the time of the last scheduled Delta flight of the day), but you can only enter the lounge if you are a member of the Delta Sky Club, and depending on the space available, it may be possible to pay for a day pass, however, there are several options for annual passes if you are a frequent flyer, that might be worth looking into. Once you are inside the lounge you will find the following facilities;

  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Flight Information
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Internet Access
  • Televisions

You may find that you have to pay a little bit more money for certain specialty drinks, and there are no sleeping facilities, however, you will receive excellent service in the lounge as you would expect, and it is a great lounge to make your trip a lot more pleasant.

United Club

There are two United Club Lounges at Denver International Airport, both of which are very sleek in their design, and create the perfect atmosphere to help you destress before your flight, you will find the lounges in the following locations;

East Side – Concourse B, next to Gate B44West Side – Concourse B, next to Gate B32

The East Side lounge is open every day from 6:30am until 11pm, and the West Side lounge is open every day from 5am until 9pm.

You can access the lounge if you are a United Club member, and depending on your membership status it may be possible for you to take a guest with you free of charge, although if this is applicable it usually has to be a family member, or you can purchase a day pass at the door for $59 regardless of what flight class you have. Inside the lounge the facilities you will find include;

  • Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Televisions and use of their telephones
  • Internet Access
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Options for Conference Facilities
  • Disabled Access
  • Flight Information
  • Fax Machines
  • A Variety of Snacks

There is also usually a selection of larger food rather than just snack food, however, you should expect to pay extra for some of the higher-end food choices. The United Club Lounges are convenient and extremely spacious, and while they don’t offer any sleeping facilities, the seating areas are very comfortable.

USO Lounge

The USO Lounge is specifically for members of the U.S Military who are currently active, and their families. There is one USO Lounge at Denver International, and as always they have a whole host of facilities and amenities available to use, you will find the lounge in the airport here;

Concourse A, at the north end of the ‘A’ Gates Bridge on the Third Floor (you must pass security to get through to the correct area)

Their opening hours are from 5am until 10pm every day. The lounge access is completely free for the qualifying personal, and the facilities inside are all free also. Inside the lounge you will find;

  • Food and Drinks
  • Televisions
  • Play Area for Children
  • Video Games
  • Internet Access
  • Computers
  • Access to the lounge phones
  • Transport and Emergency Assistance
  • Library Area
  • Various Games
  • Lounge Chairs

While there are no specific sleeping facilities in the lounge, there are reclining chairs in order for you to take a nap, but you cannot stay overnight, as the lounge closes at 10pm. This is a fantastic lounge to use if you are able to, the staff are very attentive and helpful, and the facilities they provide are second to none.

Of course, if you are unable to access any of the lounges there a plenty of other things to do, and places to wait within the airport, but spending time in an airport lounge can be a great experience, and all of the lounges at Denver International Airport are high in quality and service, and definitely help you feel ready for your trip. If you’re flying out of DIA and need Denver airport parking, we got you covered!