Outdoor activities near Denver CO

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If you live in Denver, then you already know there are so many fantastic outdoor activities, festivals, and stunning scenery, arguably some of the best in the country. But, if you are new or just visiting and want to know what this area has to offer, then you are in the right place. Below, we have put together a small guide on some of the top outdoor activities near Denver CO, so you can see what this city has in store for you.


The exciting and adventurous sightseeing tour will allow you to see every sight and sound that the Rocky Mountains and their foothills have on offer. This is the most effective way to see the full scope of the mountains’ beauty and give you the best outdoor experience near Denver. There are also day trips available to the local national parks, where you can see even more of the area’s stunning features. There are few places in the country more beautiful than the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding area, and with this outdoor activity, you’ll be left speechless.


There is no better place to get an instant adrenaline rush than with the Denver Climbing Company. Combat your fears, or push yourself to the limit during an enthralling excursion that takes you rock climbing up real rock faces in the wilderness of Colorado. You are, of course, completely safe the whole time, and will always have an instructor with you, so you never have to worry.


This tour group has so many activities available that you can go back time and again and still try new things. For walking tours, biking tours, or even skiing in the mountains, you can do all of it here, and get the most out of your time in Denver. For anyone who is an adventurer at heart, you will be in absolute heave every time you spend the day here.


Whether it is your first-time fly fishing or you are a veteran, there is a tour available for you. At Trouts Fly Fishing, they arrange excursions on the water so you can spend the day relaxing in a boat testing out your skills, or you can even book classes if it is something you want to learn to do. Being on the water is always a tranquil time, and you can add a little extra fun with their fly fishing activities.


You can speed through the Denver scenery with this Supercar experience. Choose from an elite fleet of cars, and rev your engine through the streets and past the mountains. You can even take a passenger with you if one of your friends trusts you enough! Get a real thrill from these supercars and feel the adrenaline coarse through your body.

Denver has some fantastic outdoor activities and we have only scratched the surface with this article. With the most stunning views and abundance of nature in the area, you will always have things to do.

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