The Professional Sports Teams of Denver

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When a person talks about Denver, what comes to your mind? Perhaps you think about the mountains, the forests, and the various landscapes, or maybe you think about the famous seafood or dumplings, but if you are a sports fan then we can guarantee that you think about some of the professional sports teams that represent the city. For all the things that Denver is popular for, their sports teams are high on the list. If you are thinking of heading to Denver and want to know the top professional sports team that Denver has to offer, then read on below for our list and history of the ones not to miss!

Denver Nuggets

Denver’s very own professional basketball team comes in the form of the Denver Nuggets. After launching in 1967, under the initial name of the Denver Larks, then to the Denver Rockets after less than a year, the Nuggets have, unfortunately, had limited success during their existence, having not won a single Championship title in either the ABA nor the NBA. They also have the added record of being one of the only original teams that made up part of the ABA, to not reach a single final in the NBA. The Denver Nuggets finally settled on this name in 1974, but they have struggled to gain momentum in professional basketball, even after a large number of team changes, particularly in the later 2000’s and 2010’s. In the early 2000’s the Nuggets were making headlines for all the wrong reasons, after they continuously endured huge loss after huge loss, making records with how many games were being consecutively lost. This terrible period of play was blamed on how unstable the ownership was and how uncertain the future looked for the club, this was finally all put to rest in 2000 when the club was sold to businessman Stan Kroenke, who guaranteed the club would stay in Denver. The current team is full of younger players such as Gary Harris and Nikola Jokic, and while the team is still having limited success, the youth of the team is helping the improvement in play.

You might be surprised to learn that the Pepsi Center, famous for a large number of music concerts being held there each year, is also the home stadium for the Denver Nuggets. The stadium is located at 1000 Chopper Circle, Denver and has a capacity for basketball of just over nineteen thousand.

Colorado Rockies

The city’s baseball team the Colorado Rockies is a relatively new team compared to many of the other professional baseball teams, having only started playing in 1993; they were the first baseball team to play professionally for Denver and have had a fairly “rocky” history. In the beginning, the Colorado Rockies played well and were somewhat at an advantage when playing at home; due to Denver being at a high elevation thus causing thinner air and a dry climate, this meant that the team were able to use these unique conditions to hit plenty of home runs and play strong often ending with consistently high scores. However, this all changed in 2002, when the club started to store their balls in a way that counteracted the effects of the dry Denver air, the air was causing the balls to dry up and become to light, but this change also affected their advantage and their playing power worsened. The team has struggled through each year, not offering the fans the results they always hoped for. Woefully, the Rockies have never been able to win any Championships in the MLB and lost four games to nil during their first appearance in the World Series against the Boston Red Sox in 2007.

In the Downtown area of Denver at 2001 Blake Street, you will find the home stadium for the Rockies, the stadium is called Coors Field and has been their home since 1995.

Denver Broncos

The football team of Denver, namely the Broncos, have had their fair share of success since the team was created in 1960. The Broncos have been based in Denver since the beginning, and although on paper it seems as they have done well, it took a number of years before the club was able to reap the rewards of their hard work. Originally, the Broncos were members of the American Football League, starting from 1960, and during the ten years that the AFL was in existence, the Broncos played poorly and came last in the league six times in those ten years, actually managing to have the worst results on record for any of the original AFL teams. Nevertheless, things started looking up once the NFL was established and in the 1970’s, and the Broncos have managed to play in eight Super Bowls between 1977 and 2015, with their qualifying in 1977 being the first time they had made it to the playoffs since the club began. Out of the eight times they have qualified for the Super Bowl, they have won three times; in 1997, 1998, and 2015, with the first two wins being largely due to their new star quarterback John Elway, who would be a key player for the team during his whole sixteen-year career at the club.

Currently, the Dencer Broncos play their home games at the stadium known as Empower Field at Mile High, although since the stadium opened in 2001, it has undergone no fewer than three name changes. The Mile High in the name is in reference to the fact that the city of Denver sits at such a high elevation and, therefore, the stadium does also. You can visit the stadium yourself which is located at 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle, Denver.

The sports teams of Denver haven’t always had the best of luck but that doesn’t mean they are not worth watching! There are plenty of fans in and out of the city who can give you a hundred reasons why they are some of the best teams to support or watch, so check them out and decide for yourself!

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