Activities to Try This Spring for the #AdventureSeeker

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Calling all Adventure Seekers! The weather is warming up, which means lots more outdoor activities are possible once again. If you’re feeling some spring fever and are itching to have a little adventure, you can do that this spring without even hopping on a plane! Here are some great activities you can try this Spring that will make you feel like you’ve had an adventure.

White Water Rafting

Spring is actually the best time to go white water rafting, for several reasons. For one thing, you’ll be in for a much more thrilling activity because melting snow runoff makes rivers higher and faster. You’ll also benefit from smaller crowds because a lot of people are less active during cooler, shoulder-season months. And finally, if you’re into spotting wildlife, they’ll be more active in the springtime as they come out of hibernation.

If you’re heading out for your very first white water rafting trip, make sure you book a licensed, professional outfitter and you listen to your guide at all times. Like any adrenaline-inducing activity, it can be dangerous, so you’ll want to pay attention to all safety tips and keep your life jacket and helmet on during the activity.

If you don’t have any great rafting rivers near you and you’re feeling inspired to book a spring rafting trip, check out some of these ideas.


For many, skydiving is the ultimate thrill-seeking adventure. And the good news is, you can go skydiving pretty much anywhere without having to travel too far from home. So, if it’s on your bucket list, how about making this Spring the time you finally make the leap?

Summer is typically the most popular time to go because of warm temperatures and school breaks, but there are a lot of pros to taking your adventure in the spring. One, of course, is that it will be less crowded which means it will be easier to book and you won’t have to wait in long lines to board the aircraft. The unofficial start of skydiving season was the second Saturday in March, so what are you waiting for?

Bungee Jumping

If skydiving seems like too big of a leap right now, a great entry-level activity for burgeoning adventure seekers to try is bungee jumping. There are a lot of great reasons to try bungee jumping, including that it will help you overcome your fears and build confidence, can strengthen muscles, and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

To get started, find an accredited/licensed place to go where you’ll be sure that the instructors are knowledgeable and the safety equipment is up to date. Feel free to arrive early to watch other people jump before you if this will put your mind more at ease! But the biggest piece of advice we have for you is don’t overthink it! Trust the instructors and give it a try and chances are, you’ll be hooked.

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