Let Us #GiveThanks

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So many people get excited about Thanksgiving because of the huge, delicious dinner. The banquet of traditional food isn’t something we eat every day, or at all unless it’s on Thanksgiving, and so we look forward to the feast with eyes that are bigger than our stomachs. However, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, and we want to celebrate thankfulness, especially on these days of Covid-19.

Give thanks there is food on the table. Some folks have lost jobs or are struggling and might not have enough for an enormous Thanksgiving Day meal. Even though you’re stressed from baking for two days straight and fine-tuning your cooking so that everything is done right at the same time, give thanks for the ability to enjoy and eat your holiday spread.

Give thanks for your family. We are thankfully no longer quarantined by the pandemic, and this Thanksgiving can be spent in the presence of your beloved family. Do you have overseas family? The Covid Travel Ban has finally been lifted by President Biden and you are now able to come together and celebrate with your International loved ones.

Give thanks for your job. If you are employed, give thanks, as more and more people seem to be leaving the office and working from home these days. Remote work has become all the rage as fewer and fewer people want to go back to the old standard of driving into the office. It has been a crazy ride for those who’ve scrambled to remain employed while employers had to send everyone home due to Covid. If you have a job, be thankful.

Give thanks for your home. Wherever you happen to call home, give thanks, as many lost their homes due to being unemployed for so long. Being able to have a place of shelter is a wonderful privilege, and often one we take for granted.

Give thanks for your health. Many have been impacted by the pandemic and have even lost those they love. If you have your health, whether you’ve escaped exposure to Covid-19 or recovered from it, give thanks that you’re able to see another Thanksgiving come along. Be thankful also for the vaccine that has allowed us to come out from our homes and return to normal life.

Give thanks for everything you have. It has been said that somewhere in the world, someone wishes they had your bad days. Even on our bad days, we can find something good to be thankful for, our kids, our possessions, our friends, and all of those we love. The more we give thanks, the more we’ll be joyful in life as we focus on the good and not the bad.

Being grateful isn’t something we do one day a year, it is a way of life, and those who learn how to embrace this kind of living know the true spirit of Thanksgiving. If we’re content with what we have, we will not grumble at what we don’t. This Thanksgiving holiday, cultivate your joy through gratefulness.

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