The Best Legit #HauntedHotels in the Country

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Are you one of those thrill-seekers who wants to stay in a literal #HauntedHotel one of these Halloweens? You’re in luck, as we’ve found some of the most famously haunted hotels throughout the country that you can actually stay the night in. If you’re brave enough, that is. You’ve probably heard of a few of these yourself. Let’s take a look and see if you’ve got the guts to stay overnight!

RMS Queen Mary

Whether you’ve been there or not, chances are you’ve heard of the Queen Mary permanently docked in Long Beach, California. This ship used to be a luxury liner until it was commissioned in World War II as a war ship. She returned from the war with thousands of soldiers and just about as many stories of hauntings throughout her hull. Nowadays, the Queen Mary is a hotel and you can book a room and judge for yourself whether or not the stories are true. She’s touted as the “most haunted hotel in the country”. Perhaps you’ll see a little something on, or below, her decks.

The Stanley Hotel

This hotel, located in Estes Park, Colorado, became famous after Stephen King was inspired by this structure to write his famous work, “The Shining”. The Overlook Hotel from his book is based off this hotel. Rumor has it the man who built it, Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife Flora have never left the hotel. You might just see them wandering the halls during your stay. Certain rooms are “more haunted” than others, and if you’ve got the courage, you might be able to book one of them. Be careful, however. There’s a chance that once you check in, you might not check out.

The Hollywood Roosevelt

If you’re in Los Angeles and looking for a hotel to haunt, try the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Famous for the rich and famous who’ve stayed here from Marilyn Monroe to Shirley Temple, this hotel is also famous for its ghost stories. Some people have claimed to see Marilyn’s reflection in the mirror of room 1200, the room she lived in for two years. It’s worth a stay for the history alone, but if you see a ghost, it might just be a famous one.

Omni Parker House

Boston Massachusetts is home to the Omni Parker House, one of the oldest hotels still in operation in the United States. Some believe the hotel’s founder, Harvey Parker, is very much present in the halls, as well as Charles Dickens, who stayed in the hotel at one time. Booking is open and you can stay here to your heart’s content. Perhaps you’ll come face to face with a ghost.

Wherever you live, there’s bound to be a hotel that’s rumored to be haunted in your area. Book a room if you’re feeling adventurous! Don’t just watch Ghost Hunters on TV, get in the action and become a ghost hunter yourself! There’s no time like Halloween to give yourself a spooky staycation.

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