#TravelDiaries – Vacation’s Hottest New Trend

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About to go on an amazing vacation and want a unique way to document it? Why not try to craft a travel diary? It’s more than a scrapbook or an envelope to store your odds and ends. These fun books can be found both online and in bookstores. With a little imagination and a few pens and pencils, you’ll be able to make a keepsake of your vacation that will last for years to come.

Amazon- Amazon.com : travel diary

If you have no idea where to start to purchase your travel diary, start here. Let’s face it, what doesn’t Amazon sell? They have all kinds of books and journals from which to choose, including all kinds of leather journals with handmade paper. The sky is the limit when purchasing your travel journal, and there are no rules. Buy journals with or without pockets, lined paper or clean, the choice is yours. Don’t forget to buy colored pencils, gel pens, black pens, and anything else you might want to journal your travels. Alternately, these books can also be found in a brick-and-mortar bookstore such as Barnes & Noble.

Pinterest Ideas- 65 Best DIY Travel Journal ideas | travel journal, journal, travel book (pinterest.com)

You might not have the foggiest idea how to get started with your travel journal. Don’t worry, here are some ideas from Pinterest. Since there are no rules, you are free to make your journal your own, with a beach or a mountain flair, depending on your vacation. Colors, pictures, and varying layouts are what make a travel journal unique and interesting, and these are the things to keep in your mind while creating one. Perhaps you might even think of your own questions to jot down before you leave on vacation to answer once you get there. Make it a family affair and dedicate different pages to different family members. Once everyone is involved in memory-making, crafting your travel journal will become a part of the vacation fun.

Keepsakes- 25 Items & Ideas To Include In Your Travel Journal — Roam + Go Lightly (roamandgolightly.com)

What are some things you should keep from your vacation to include in your travel journal? Here are some ideas. Menus, transit tickets, pressed flowers, receipts, photos from an instant camera, plane tickets, stickers, napkins, and other items from your time away. Souvenirs and keepsakes from your vacation are some of the best ways to preserve memories of your vacation. Why not include a fun little story to go with each, what you might remember at that restaurant, what you were doing when you took that photo. This keeps your travel diary interesting and personal.

Travel Diaries App- Create your own travel diary online | Travel Diaries (traveldiariesapp.com)

Perhaps you don’t want to lug a book and a bunch of colored pens and pencils with you on vacation. You can log all your adventures in an online app called the Travel Diaries App. Choose your layout, your pictures, your text, your fonts, and away you go! The app itself is free and you’ll be able to share your digital travel diaries with friends and family. For anyone who might not be imaginatively or artistically inclined, this is your answer.

Whether tactile or digital, you’ll have a great time making a memento to enjoy long after the vacation is over.

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